To be a writer you have to LOVE to read!

To be a writer you have to love to read?s king

As I set out on this mission to finally put my notes and scribbles and stories into something more real, I have become more analytical in things I do, say, even achieve. I guess it must be the same process for any of the arts, to become a painter you must start to notice everything around you in a lot more detail. For example I’m sure if you paint a field then return to that field in a months’ time and you would begin to notice subtle differences that could completely change your painting, more flowers have bloomed, the river alongside the field is running higher, or some kids have created a rope swing on the only tree in the field. Each of these things could add to your painting or would you use this new view to create another?

As I try to put more words to the page I notice I am reading in a different manner. Although I still love to read, and will read anything and everything I can get my hands on, I am now analysing more details from the book rather than just staying immersed in the story. I have now found myself reading an alternative story immersing myself in things such as character/location/storyline creation and analysing details I hadn’t previously noticed (or indeed cared) about, the collection of tiny details enhancing the experience even more. Is there too much/not enough dialogue? Do the locations fit the story (and again are there too many described distracting the reader from the storyline)? How many characters do we meet, do they all serve a purpose?

Chinua Achebe

Each of these attributes I hope to bring to my own writing, hopefully expanding on my skills by learning from those that have already made the great achievement of getting published and of course through blogging too. There are so many wonderful sites and writers out there that you can’t help taking enjoyment out of reading their stories and getting that little understanding of the story of their life they have woven. Enjoyment can be found in the smallest of tales to the largest of adventures… it is a gift to treasure.

So yes, I do believe to be a writer you have to love to read.


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Fall down seven times, Stand up eight

There is a Japanese Proverb that says:

“Fall down seven times, Stand up eight.”

I love this statement and think it is so true to life. Life can be incredibly shitty crap at times and it will throw some stuff at you! Stuff that at times it feels impossible to handle, but these situations seem to motivate people into becoming stronger, stronger than they ever knew they could be. There are a few blogs I follow that I am amazed and astounded at how strong the writers are and the situations they have overcome.


I recently visited a beautiful ruins in Scotland called “Sweetheart Abbey” – “The last Cistercian abbey established on Scottish Soil” and the story of it truly amazed me. Dervogilla Balliol lost her husband in 1268 and window - Sweetheart Abbeyeven though she would have been in a state of grief she found strength and founded an Abbey in his memory. I lost my hamster when I was nine and had to have a day of school as I was so heartbroken!!

The story of her love continues, (although in a manner possibly a little bit creepy by today’s standards), she had her husband’s heart embalmed so she could keep it with her in a casket! Dervogilla was eventually laid to rest in the abbey – still with her treasured heart.

While I was absorbed in the romance of the Abbey my darling OH loved this sign and suggested we instate this in our house, I said there was no point it would just mean I nagged all in one go – haha!



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Strong Females

J.K Rowling made the following statement: j.k.rowling - feminism

(source of quote –

It made me wonder about selecting your characters and deciding which ones to be strong and which are weak. I am writing a historical fiction based novel which has a duel storyline.

In the historical storyline a woman is rejected from her husband (as he has taken up with a new mistress), blocked from seeing her children, forced from her home, her friends and the society she had once been part of. Her story plays a lot on the trauma her husband puts her through, (but she is not totally without sin!) in some cases she leads to her own downfall, threatening her husband, drinking excessively, even scaring the children. She is by no means a weak female despite what society throws at her and goes through a wide variety of emotions.

In the modern storyline my main female character challenges some traditional female stereotypes. She is a divorced single mother, who has recently been promoted, but she already works at a busy hospital a variety of hours. She is quite envious of her ex’s relationship with their daughter built because he works from home. As it is a modern divorce they both get 50/50 access. Meanwhile she has recently lost her mother, and is trying to support her grieving father. She is struggling to keep on top of everything but there is nothing she wants to sacrifice.cs lewis quote - hardships

Both females are strong but in different ways, they both ultimately just want a happy family life. I never intended to write these things in either a male or a female perspective, the characters drove themselves and the circumstances drove their stories. The characters faced hardships and have to overcome them, as C.S. Lewis put it. I think the modern story could even have been written as a male character I chose female as I felt it fit better with the historical timeline.

Is this something other writers do, openly decide whether their character should be male or female? Does gender of a character make a difference in todays society? What helps them decide that and do you ever change your mind?


There was a Google+ thread in which a writer asked, “how do you write female characters?” and someone answered:

1) I think of a character. 2) I make them female.

I love this answer, because I think gender plays very little part in what makes a good or strong character.


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Quote in full (just in case the image isn’t readable)

“Very early on in writing the series, I remember a female journalist saying to me that Mrs Weasley, ‘Well, you know, she’s just a mother.’ And I was absolutely incensed by that comment. Now, I consider myself to be a feminist, and I’d always wanted to show that just because a woman has made a choice, a free choice to say, ‘Well, I’m going to raise my family and that’s going to be my choice. I may go back to a career, I may have a career part time, but that’s my choice.’ Doesn’t mean that that’s all she can do. And as we proved there in that little battle, Molly Weasley comes out and proves herself the equal of any warrior on that battlefield.”

Stretch It Out

Effortless was once the case
But now everything just aches
Each stretch causes multiple cracks
From my joints and now my back!

I used to jump around with glee
At Boyzone, Limp Biscuit then Tenacious D
But now my body groans with pain
It has given up and can’t stand the strain

My other half stretches with enjoyment
Fitness daft! It’s just annoying
Running and jumping with plenty of ease
While I’m on the floor desperately trying to breathe

I got complacent, my body rebelled
Now to get fit, it’s putting me through hell
But I’ll persevere, I’m not yet deflated!
When I lose those final pounds I know I’ll be elated

run funny


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Back In The Day

I read an article recently which was talking about the development of mankind over the last 100 years. It was basically saying that if you go back 100 years, which isn’t that long, in fact it is 1 lifetime nowadays, literally everything will be different. This vast growth and change is not really seen through the rest of human history, even in the great renaissance period not everything changed quite as dramatically as the last 100 years. Bring someone into our lifetime and they would truly not believe the world we live in, and would question their very sanity. Just your average Joe Blogs in Britain would see all of the following for example:

Food – 100 years ago food was a luxury, people had a make do attitude and made food go as far as possible, nowadays we have an obesity crisis, regular dieting is required by many to maintain a healthy weight and there are actual campaigns to reduce food waste!

Money – currency in Britain has completely changed over the last 100 years with the introduction of decimilisation.

Kids – If a child had a bicycle they were very fortunate. This years “must have” Christmas present was a hoverboard! Now kids can get to school just by balancing. Speaking of school, 100 years ago it wasn’t uncommon for children to be pulled from school to help with harvesting and other activities required by families, nowadays if a child misses 1 day of school a parent can risk being fined.

EvolutionAdd in changes such as; TV, travel, holidays, jobs, NHS healthcare, clothing, housing, bathrooms, roads, female rights, gay rights, just about everything you can think of has changed over the last 100 years. It really makes you wonder what the next 100 years will bring, doesn’t it?

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Grandma’s Night Out

A few months ago my mother arranged a visit down to stay with me for a few days and brought my grandma with her. I have glorious memories from my upbringing are of my mother taking myself (and sometimes my grandma) to the theatre, so I decided it would be a lovely surprise to book a night at the theatre for us. What was on at the theatre?

The Full Monty!”

This was a stage production of the actual movie so not just some sleazy stripping, but let’s face it, it’s still a movie about stripping! What to do? My wonderful plans were already going of course, so I thought sod it! And booked them anyway.

I had a discussion with my best friend and we decided in for a penny in for a pound and her and her mother joined us. Worst case scenario my grandma would hate it and if so my OH happily agreed he would pick her up and take her back home. My mum and grandma arrived and after exchanging greetings and news we sat down to a lovely dinner Darling OH had prepared, I decided this was the moment to unveil my surprise and passed the envelope with the tickets. On opening, my mother thought they were for the pantomime (the theatre company had included an advertisement on the back of the tickets), when I told her to read it again. She burst out laughing and I explained I thought it would be a nice treat and we’d make a girly evening of it.

We got ready, OH dropped us off and we full montymade our way inside. The seats I booked were the cheapest and literally the back row of the theatre, practically in the rafters (I hadn’t thought this through as I have a disabled mother and a grandma with me!) but we got to our seats and waited for the show to start – the small theatre was packed out. Half an hour, my mum and my grandma were giggling along with the rest of us. Nothing to worry about at all. In fact the funniest bit of the evening was my grandma rolling her eyes and saying “yeah right” at one of the scenes, this made my mother and I laugh even harder!..

We now have even more treasured memories of the theatre, although entirely different from those previously.

I wonder if I can book magic mike for next year?…

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Lessons Learnt from a Tray of Eggs

My OH paid a short visit to the grandparents today, not something we get to do nearly as often as we’d like. His Grandma is one of my favourite people on earth, she is really short and probably as round as she is tall but she’s an amazing tower of strength. She’s is a proper matriarch of the family, that always wants to know how all the family are doing all the time (with 8 children, 19 grandchildren and 15 great-grandchildren it’s not an easy task!), but she just wants to know everyone is doing well, healthy and happy.

She’s never had a lot of money, with 8 children to raise and feed and granddad working as a farm labourer you learn to make do, yet all the kids and grandkids and great grandkids adore her and no-one ever feels they missed out. Even now in her older years she was telling my OH that she managed to purchase a second hand 3-piece suite for £30. My husband realised we had paid more than that for our dog bed! In a world that is based on keeping up with the Jones’, it is easy to forget that these things will not matter in the long run. We may feel at the time that we are missing out on something but six months, a year, 5 years down the line will we still feel like that?Lewis Carroll_Alice in Wonderland_different yesterday

My OH took something away from the visit (quite literally) and it seemed appropriate to share it. Grandma and Granddad are pensioners without a lot of money, yet as my OH left the house grandma thrust a tray of eggs into his hands. Granddad still keeps an allotment with a few chickens and ducks on it, so we got given some eggs. We have enough to buy these things, and they didn’t take anything for them they just wanted to share what they had with the ones they love. I think that is a beautiful, touching, honourable thing.

“A life spent making mistakes is not only more honorable but more useful than a life spent doing nothing.”
– George Bernard Shaw

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Assumptions and Logic – are your arguments robust?

Assumptions have an unnerving way of becoming facts and received wisdom over time. This seems to be the case more and more lately particularly with the power of Facebook. I regularly seem to be reading stuff on there that I know not to be true.

Douglas Adams - opinions - logic - arguments - robust

A recent post that I saw being discussed was about the weather (typical British :p), saying “the flooding of a local area is down to global warming” (which is most likely true in a partial form) but I then read an article the same day about the same area having similar floods several times during different periods in the last century, so it can’t be the only reason for the area having flooded. Agreed, it is possibly a contributing factor but people just seem to make these statements without all the facts. That area has flooded in the past, yet there are more and more houses added to it, potentially without adequate drainage solutions provided and of course removing green space which can be so crucial to waterlogged areas and I am sure there are many many other contributing factors. Anyway I’m in no way an expert on global warming or flooding (and I’m wittering!), all I am trying to say is people seem to jump on a bandwagon, especially when a fear factor is concerned but they don’t seem to provide reasonable and robust arguments for these statements (both for and against).

My husband is reading a great book at the moment called “The World According To The Man In The Pub” and it reviews “so called” facts that you get told by the man in the pub and it’s amazing just how many you think are true. One story featured – that I have heard many times and believed (although I am gullible!) – was that if a store had incorrectly priced something they had to sell you it at that price. That is not true. A store at any point can refuse sale of an item and they can do so for any reason, it’s their item.

So, maybe before people dive in at the deep end, maybe they should just sit back a little and examine all the facts surrounding something, maybe even read a book about it. 🙂

KL ❤


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Clouds and Dreams

The dream world can be an amazing thing, it can reveal to you your wildest desires, your worst fears or just away of processing your days trials and tribulations.

I have always been an active dreamer and they can be quite vivid, a while back I had a horrid nightmare and actually remembered to make a record of it – most agreed it was quite creepy. If you have a read, let me know what you think. Who knows I might even have the foundation of a horror story there. 🙂

Unfortunately, I also sleep-talk. This is a family trait and both my parents do it. My mother does it so vividly that while on holiday in Tunisia one year, she picked up the phone and started having a conversation, the hotel had a 24 hour manned reception but unfortunately (or fortunately) their English wasn’t great, so they hung up on her and sent an English speaking member of staff to the room. On answering the door and having an intense discussion with the staff member who insisted the call came from our room, we realised what had happened, and my mother immediately blushed admitting she had dreamt she was on the phone to someone! We moved the phone to the other side of the room after that! Good job she hadn’t ordered room service – lol!  

So here is my Cloud and Quote combo. This photo was taken on a beautiful spot in Scotland, we really did feel like we could reach the clouds.

J.K.Rowling - Dreams quote.png

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Hope you enjoyed. Do any of you sleep-talk or experience vivid dreams?

KL ❤

My Bucket List for 2016

My Bucket List for 2016

I am pushing myself this year, not in a one big New Year’s resolution that I will be abandoning when the going gets tough, (as per all my previous years! 😦 ) but in a collection of small steps (well that’s the plan anyway). I’m also lucky in that my OH and a few of my friends are trying to do some of them too so hopefully that will all help.

  1. Got 7 Chapters to finish – Then the first draft of my novel will be complete!
    I had intended to achieve this before the end of 2015 but it hasn’t happened so it is something I need to focus on in 2016. I already have ideas for another novel brewing in the back of my head. Before they take too much shape I want to finish my first one. My BIG mission is to get it through re-drafts and published before the end of 2016 but I am aware that is a big step. I’d rather start with the little step and see how I progress.
  2. Get Fitter
    I know this is very much a resolution-y type of thing and I have managed to pile on a lot of weight in 18 months, but I don’t want that to be the driving factor for this point. I want to feel fitter. I want to be able to try some of the adventurous activities my partner does such as mountain biking without the fear that I won’t keep up. I want to take my niece swimming and know that if she wonders off I can more than run after her. The thing is I could probably do these type of things now but I don’t feel confident enough in my fitness to be sure. So that is my goal (hopefully some weight loss will be an added bonus).
    run funny
  3. Eat Healthier – AKA Stop the Veg-dodging!
    This is tied to goal 2 slightly as I have mentioned my weight is an issue. That being said, I know the main reason for this is my diet (or lack thereof). I am a notoriously fussy eater and always have been, I got away with it as a child as both my parents are fussy eaters also and have only improved it slightly as an adult. Give me pizza and pasta over fresh veg and salads any day. This is a lifestyle choice that unfortunately I do succumb to, working full-time it is also usually the easier option to have such things, than to start preparing healthier alternatives but it is detrimental to my health and I know it.
    You are what you eat
  4. Simple Savings
    This is an idea I stole from Facebook and it is one of the things I am more likely to give up but it’s worth a try. The idea is you put a £1 in a jar and increase it each week, so week 1 you’d put in £1, week 2 you’d put in £2, week 3 = £3, etc. This equates to over £1000 in a year and apparently because it’s developed as an incremental habit you are likely to push yourself once it gets to the higher tougher numbers. My OH and I will do this for 48 weeks (not the 52 stated). We also discussed if it is getting difficult by the halfway point we may do two lots of 26 instead. So our goal is simply to save in a fun manner, whichever way is easiest for us to do this. 🙂
  5. Read (& Write) More
    I managed to read and review over 50-odd books last year (still working on the final numbers as I play Christmas catch-up). This is around 30 more than the year before! Which I am quite proud of. In 2015I signed up to the local library and made use of it, found some great e-books from authors right here on WordPress and visited a load of independent bookstores and Hay festival. It was also the first year I have given a serious time to writing up book reviews on those read, hopefully these are useful to other readers but what has been really awarding is having some authors of the books contact me about the reviews. I hope to continue and improve on these numbers. Of course, I also intend to blog and read others blogs a little more too. It is always a tough choice between time spent reading and writing and I’m never sure which to dedicate more time to as I love both. So I am hoping I can combine them as often as possible to get a happy medium. 🙂

What’s on your bucket list for this year?

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