Review – The Haunting of Harriett by Jennifer Button

Image Book Cover from Google Books

The theme behind this story is fantastic, a ghost who doesn’t realise they are a ghost (completely different from the sixth sense). Although the reader finds out Harriett is a ghost fairly early on the style of the novel keeps maintains this powerful angle throughout the story (and throughout the other characters). I love the mixed storyline the author chose to weave, using Harriett’s memories of her past to keep the story moving.

The variety of characters was intriguing including the extrovert psychic, the religious devout, the traditional house-wife, the floozy mother, the Wall Street father etc. The mix mostly worked giving the story the light and dark contrast it needed to keep the reader involved. However I do feel “the circus” contained a few characters too many as if the author may have added a few of them in as an after-thought to keep the story moving.

My main disappointment was the use of the character Liz. She was the main character at the start of the book, she insisted on buying the house, insists it’s decorated a certain way, she starts her painting career etc. The reader develops an emotional attachment to her but towards the end of the story her involvement is minimal excluding her desire for another baby, even that seems slightly irrelevant to the path of the story. She had felt a form of connection to Harriett from the start and I wish that had been maintained if not improved towards the end of the story.

That being said this was an enjoyable read and a fantastic spin on an old tale. The authors’ ability to blend the timelines was also of a very high standard.


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