Walking a mile in your shoes…


Walking in someones shoesWalk with me

I get up and look around me
The sights seem the same
Or do they, what should I see
What’s the point of this game

 My feet start to walk
But I know these shoes do not fit
I wish you would just talk
And I’d help you get through it

I turn round the corner
And see a stranger come closer
I feel my world getting smaller
But they go by and my panic is over

Why am I feeling this?
What has gone wrong?
Is there something I have missed?
You were always so strong.

I continue forward
More cautious this time
Your burden I am carrying
It weighs on my mind

We know we can make it
We’ve been through so much
Maybe not something this tragic
But enough is enough

The end is approaching
Your goal was achieved
I’ve walked this mile over
And now I believe

I know the answer
I’ve walked the mile
I’ve been in your shoes
And I know it’s been vile

But now is the moment
Now you must choose
To open your heart
And let me help you… get through