The Funzone for Grown-Ups!

If you were the new leader of your country and had the chance to transform something that’s currently an annoyance (or worse) into a very fun activity, what would it be?

I had to have a think to this one and then realised the answer. For me as an adult I find exercise tedious. That in itself I know is a terrible statement but it’s truly how I feel. The only activities I enjoy are walking the dogs and I quite like swimming (but nowadays find most public swimming pools to be far too busy to be enjoyable).

This was not always the case, I used to love exercise as it used to be about playing, meeting friends and teamwork. For me the answer to obesity is to create a fun gym! Something like a giant soft play with rope bridges, slides, space hopper races, sumo suit wrestles. This could even be themed such as “I’m a celebrity” or “Crystal Maze” with little challenges or clues to find. Who’s with me?


In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “The Fun Platform.”