Whatever the Weather…

Whatever the weather, we’re in this together.

Whatever the rain, don’t take the blame.

Whatever the sun, we will move on.

Whatever the snow, just let it go.

We’ve had a really interesting week of weather here in the UK (bearing in mind the weather is always interesting to us Brits, lol). Here are a few funnies, I’ve collected from the week:

Blackpool Tower – A tad windy!
When you don't have time to defrost your windows!
When you don’t have time to defrost your windows!
Best thing to happen in a storm.
Best thing to happen in a storm.
Checking in!

An eclectic entry, originally written for Linda’s Stream of consciousness Saturday
Use the word “whatever” any way you’d like. Bonus points if you start your post with it. Have fun!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

I already wrote quite a soppy post a few days ago on what it means to feel loved. But one of the things my OH and I love to do most is to laugh together (despite having quite different senses of humour). So, I’ve gathered together a few funnies. Enjoy.

If Mum’s made candy hearts…

If Mom’s made candy hearts

Advice on dating a twin…


Choosing the right gift is always difficult…

It’s important to take turns…

Taking turns

Doing things together can be fun…

Password – funny

And if you’re single, don’t worry about it…

Cucumber anyone? – Funny

Whatever you do, I hope you have fun.

With Love from KL Caley

Review of Confessions of a GP by Benjamin Daniels – 5 Stars

Confessions of a GPConfessions of a GP by Benjamin Daniels

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Benjamin Daniels takes us right off the pages this book and into his GP surgery. This book is a combination of fly on the wall to some of his daily patient gripes but also an honest reflection of how doctors feel about the situations they find themselves in all as part of their job.

The humour in this book is above all the best thing, scenes such as the young doctor declaring he knew how to “save” someone in a pizza shop (who turned out to just be incredibly intoxicated). There are also several moral dilemmas included in this book that Benjamin had to face – for example if you are called out to do a house-call on a convicted paedophile, how would you feel about helping him? These really got me thinking just what would I do in these types of situations.

Daniels writing style is really laid back and very easy to read and the book isn’t filled with loads of technical nonsense that only other doctors could understand. It is just an interesting account of all the goings on a young doctor goes through while finding his feet in the medical industry. It feels very honest and pragmatic approach to the topics, patients and experiences.

As you can probably tell I really enjoyed this book. In fact, I enjoyed it so much I passed it onto my husband who very rarely would read something like this, he also read it and really enjoyed it.

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Related to Royalty

I’m related to royalty you know… well, maybe not royalty but certainly gentry.

My mother told me all about it when I was just a young calf.

I was so excited picturing my gallant grandfather galloping through lands and conquering unknown territory.

As I explore around our lands I think of him, cow-image-by-majesticgoldenrosehe must have been tall and brave.

I keep any wandering peasants off our land – often it only takes a serious stare and they know they shouldn’t be there.

Sometimes a little charge towards them gives them the start they might need.

Sir Loin would be so proud of me.

My tongue-in-cheek entry to this weeks FFfAW challenge – This week’s photo prompt is provided by MajesticGoldenRose. Thank you!

Click on the frog to see more flash fiction inspired by this image 🙂



The Mystery House – #writephoto

High upon the hillside, past the river and behind the trees.

Lies a forgotten house which no-one tends to see.

The old folk sometimes remember those who went before.

Yet the towns’ folk find the old stories such a bore.mystery-house-photo-by-sue-vincent


A young lady sets off adventuring on the land

Inspired by the folk tales told to her by her Gran

She comes across the house in the woods all alone

And peers through the doorway to check no-one’s home


“Who goes there?” Bellows a voice from within the dark

She gulps rather loudly ignoring the thumping of her heart

“It’s me Olive”, her voice says in a squeak

“I thought no-one lived her, I’m sorry I’ll, leave.”


Rather disappointed Olive turned around to leave

“Come in child, you’re here now, you might as well have tea.”

Olive walked into the house that’s hidden in the wall

Finding herself facing an old woman 8 feet tall.


“Move Oscar out the way child and take a seat over there”

Olive looked across the hovel spotting a black cat in a chair.

Oscar didn’t take to kindly from being shifted from his perch.

Olive was a bit unnerved when he hissed and swiped at her.


Olive smiled politely as the tea was served

The cake that went along with it was superb

Her belly now full and the sun beginning to set

Olive said goodbye to the old lady she had met.


You thought there’d be a twist in the tale is that about right?

That Olive would be gobbled up or given a real fright

I thought I would be kinder to this old woman living alone

Besides, I never told you if Olive made it home?….

I think I had way-way to much fun writing this! There was so many delightfully devilish options popping into my mind. I love this image, so intriguing. If you want to ive it a go too, head over to Sue’s Page Thursday Photo Prompt – Mystery #writephoto and join in the prompt.KL ❤

Review of The Creeps by John Connolly – 5 stars

The Creeps (Samuel Johnson, #3)The Creeps by John Connolly

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Samuel Johnson thought he was destined to live his happy ever after. He has his best friend (faithful dog Boswell), one of the prettiest girls in town (who is actually a spoilt brat) and his mum has allowed his two (demon) friends to live with him, he’s even been asked to open a brand new toy shop that is opening in town (the price of fame). Yet there is a lot that isn’t quite right in the quiet town of Biddlecombe, and the question is can Samuel and Boswell save the town (and the girl Samuel really loves) before disaster strikes.

Okay, so I have a confession to make, I didn’t actually read the back of this book before I bought it. I have read a fair few of John Connolly’s other books and had assumed this would just be the same as those. How wrong I was! For a starter, this is a book in part of a series (whoops) and secondly this book is like no other book I have ever read. It is a laugh-out-loud comic genius. Incredibly stupid in many places, yet surprisingly sophisticated and sarcastic in others. Ridiculous to the point you will question your own madness while reading yet something keeps you turning those pages over and over.

So what is it that keeps you reading? The characters, well… Samuel who is the star of this book is boring and plain, in fact, his dog Boswell is far more interesting. Yet, in this book you need that character to keep sane, especially with friendly (and evil) demons to contend with and of course the dwarves (also known as S.O.D.S. Stars of Diminished Stature) all stealing the comedy show.

This clever novel combines dark humour, sadistic storyline and mind-boggling madness so intriguingly well, I was surprised how much I enjoyed it.

I was thinking what this book is similar too and of course having not yet read the first two books in the series, can’t suggest those. However, it does have a few similarities with Neil Gaiman’s fantastic novel “The Graveyard”, perhaps slightly more adult but that similar dark comedy vein running through both.

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See below for my:

Review of The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman 

Review of The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman – 5 Stars

The Graveyard BookThe Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This book starts off with high drama, a small baby stumbling from his house where his entire family are murdered into the local graveyard, where he is found by the local ghosts. After a meeting, it is agreed that a married ghostly couple who never had children can adopt him, along with a guardian (who can leave the graveyard). The story then follows Bod and his new graveyard “family & friends” through adolescence with a few bumps along the way, including meeting a girl, attending school and of course finding out what happened to his real family.
This book is so quirky, it had me laughing from the first page even though it was about a baby evading a murderer! Bod is such a happy go lucky little chap too you can’t help but champion him on his journey, even the seemingly little things like learning to read using names on the gravestones and other funny little touches make the story really feel alive. Spoiler-ish alert – the last chapter is a little bit heart-breaking but also perfect.

This is almost like jungle book but instead of a child growing up in the jungle being brought up by the animals, it’s a child growing up in a graveyard being *raised (questionable word) by ghosts! It’s the only story that is similar to this, although I love the darkness of this book.

A really great read that I completely fell in love with from the first page and has long stayed with me since I finished the last! Very sweet and charming tale that I think people young and old will love. Not often I give a book five stars but I had to with this – one not to be missed!

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I can’t take full credit for discovering this book it was recommended to me by the lovely Elena over at Home that we built and I must say what a great recommendation it was! KL ❤

Outsmarted by a 5-year-old

A friend of mine has an adorable five-year-old (5YO) son. He looks like butter wouldn’t melt, yet secretly he is a genius and can win most arguments – not with pouting or tantrums like most kids, worse he uses logic! After a recent house move, he began to attend a Church of England School. My friend isn’t religious at all, she would definitely give Songs of Praise a wide berth…but the school has excellent ratings. The problem really started when his pet died. The conversation went a little like this:

5YO: “Mum, you know how Oscar died?”secret

Mum: “Yes, we are all very sad.”

5YO: “He’s not coming back is he?”

MUM: “No he isn’t, Sweetie.”

5YO “Well, how come humans come back from the dead?”

MUM laughs, thinking some TV series has probably put this idea into his head: “Humans don’t come back from the dead.”

5YO: “Yes, they do!”

MUM: “No they don’t”

5YO: “Yes, they do, my teacher said so. I think I’ll come back from the dead.”

MUM (wondering if she should be checking up at school): “No, she didn’t. You must have got confused.”

5YO (getting frustrated now): “I’m not, he’s called Jesus. He died and then came back to life.”

MUM (sighing relief): “Oh that’s different. He only did that because he was the son of God. You won’t do that.”

5YO (silent for 30 seconds): “I thought we were all God’s children?…”

My friend was dumbstruck. How do you combat that argument? She has decided all future religious discussions will be left in the far more capable hands of the school.

When did kids get so smart?.. Hope this made you smile as much as it made me! Enjoy – KL ❤


Joy, Laughter, Happy Thoughts – Time to Change

A little joy, a little laughter

Is sometimes, the stuff I’m after

A little bravery, a little courage

Someone to stop me, being discouraged

A thoughtful comment, a pleasant smile

A little thank you, once in a while

Happy thoughts, that special place

Those negative thoughts are such a waste

Fear takes its form, in many ways

It’s often hard, keeping it at bay

Yet positivity can, be so rewarding

Stopping those fears, that you’ve been hoarding

Change can be made, with little steps

Making the decision, not to fret

Stop the panic, forget the fear

Reach out for your future, it is here!

Changes - Dilbert

Lewis Carroll_Alice in Wonderland_different yesterday

Originally written in response to todays WQWWC topic “Change” with
my favourite quote about change by Lewis Carrol. With a little help from Dilbert, Linking it back to my #Maydays Challenge post on Laughter! Much Love. KL ❤