BookWorm Problems #1

Anyone else? 🙈


Belly Laughs

This week for Writer’s Quote #3 Marsha has given us Belly Laughs…

The new year had arrived and he’d proclaimed

That it was time for a lifestyle change

He didn’t want anything experimental

So he found a class, one that’s gentle

When he entered he was quite pleased

When they said they’d take things gently

They started with some gentle stretches

But then they laughed, those awful wretches!

He’d bent himself into each shape

But each time he did some wind escaped

It announced itself into the room

Often with a mighty boom!

He tried to ignore it and carry on

But each seemed louder than the last one

Supposedly yoga’s meant to be relaxing

In the end, he found it mighty taxing!

A day without laughter is a day wasted

Sorry about this Marsha, but hopefully it might give you a belly laugh or two! Unfortunately, my type of humour is quite juvenile. bodily functions are easily humourous. One of my closest friends is a nurse and she regularly has me laughing until my stomach aches and it’s usually bodily function related!

I love a wicked sense of humour; dark, witty, tongue-in-cheek are all far funnier to me than slapstick style comedy. I work with a brilliant group of lads (and I say that because they are all geninely male) and they forever take the mickey equally out of themselves and each other, they so often have me giggling or blushing! I particularly like a pun or a limerick something with a bit of cleverness to it. Panto Dame songs, also a huge fan, especially those when your head fills in the last word of a rhyme (no idea what they are called but they always have me in stitches)!

What’s your favourite style of comedy?

Laughter is the best medicine


The night before…

The skeletons rattled,

their fingers began to tap

Eager to be released

From their coffin trapped

The ghosts began to wail

Their voices growing loud

The mummies began to mumble

From deep within their shroud

The wolves began to howl

It could give you quite a fright

Because it’s only 24 hours

Until Halloween night

Ding, dong, the witch is…alive?¿

Hope you are all having fun this spooky season? We’ve had another weekend full of spooky shenanigans, even a swimming lesson with some inflatable pumpkins. 🎃

How things have changed since my youth of a bin bag with holes for a costume! 😂


The ghosts and ghouls and goblins

Have been and had their play

It’s time for me to tidy up

Ready for another day

As I close the door behind them

And wish them all goodnight

Something creeps up behind me

And gives me an awful fright


Spent the day getting our home clean

As we’re having a party for Halloween


We’ve grown our pumpkins on our plot

For the little ones to pick their lot


We’ve got reapers, witches and the odd ghost

Ready to play the perfect hosts


Tables filled with all things sweet

Waiting for those who trick or treat


Hope you have the perfect day

And a little fun spookiness comes your way


Autumn walks, collecting leaves
Feel a chill upon the breeze
Lotsa layers, long coats
Breakfasts made of yummy oats!

Autumn colours, reds and browns
Fallen leaves covering ground
Dark skies, jumpers thick
Bringing home that treasured stick!

Treasured Stick

Who is ready for autumn? 🤎🍂☂️🧡🧣❤

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Toucan Travels

Tommy Toucan took a thrilling flight to the tropics
Tommy Toucan’s friends all thought he was psychotic
Tommy got a yellow bill, and he soon felt ill
So he had to take lots of antibiotics

Toucan – A Letter A Week – T – nope, not pam

A bit of fun written for NOPE, NOT PAM‘s challenge – A Letter A Week – T , this week’s prompts:

Place – tropics

Emotion – thrill

Adjective – tactical

Verb – tempt

My animal – toucan

Roaring good time…

Hubby was working today, so I had to drag myself out of bed and get on with looking after mini mister. Luckily, I must say, he was a well behaved little angel (phew).

I’d booked tickets for this show months ago, but now that the day arrived, the thought of being in a hot room with loads of bodies wasn’t the ideal way to recover from whatever viral thing had gotten hold of me all last week (not covid, tested many times).

However, it actually went really well, the story was great fun, and made really interactive and not too scary (thank goodness). Most importantly, my little guy had a roaring good time.

Little Heroes – Shadows – A Short Story

“Keep your face to the sun and you will never see the shadows.”

― Helen Keller

“Quick, grab the loot.”

“No, stay in the shadows, I’m sure someone’s coming”.

“I don’t want to stay in the shadows”

“Why? Are you scaaaaarreeeddd? Look if you are too scared to do this, I’ll grab the loot myself.”

“No. I can do this”

“Right, you wait here whilst I check the coast is clear.”

The creak of the door immediately gave away their location.

“Alex! James! Get yourselves back to bed this instant!” The bedroom light switched on startling two young boys. In the doorway stood an angry woman with her hands on her hips.

“Mum… we were only after a midnight snack,” Alex whined.

“You’ve already been told. Any more of that nonsense and James will be going home. You know you were only allowed to have a sleepover if you boys went to bed on time.”

The boys skulked over to the bed, wading through a trail of dolls and cars and toy guns.

“Fine! You can have a quick hot chocolate but then it’s straight back to bed.


“What Alex?”

“Can we have marshmallows too?”

“I suppose…but then bed.”

“Score!” The two boys said triumphantly. It had been worth waiting in the shadows after all.

“Keep your face to the sun and you will never see the shadows.” ― Helen Keller

Originally written in response to:

These two little toe-rags originally appeared escaping their bedtime in an earlier post: Little Women and Little Heroes – A Short Story, I hope you enjoy their return.

Take Care.