#Maydays Prompt – Fairytale Fun

fairies“There may be fairies, there may be elves, but God helps those who help themselves.”
― Stephen King, Misery


For today’s #maydays prompt, I might be taking Mr. King’s quote out of context a little. May your post feature a little magic, elves, fairies, whatever you like. Bonus points if you can make it a dark story that Mr. King would approve off. 🙂

Remember you can write a memory, short flash fiction, poetry or whatever may take your fancy and pingback here so that I can pop by and visit you. Don’t forget to TAG your prompt #maydays too.

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The Secret Home of the Fairies

Isabella followed the music.

Haunting and enchanting, she couldn’t help but step towards it.

Luring her from the street until she reached the ancient stones.

She had scoffed when her mother had told her this was the home of the fairies, now before her eyes they danced with glee to the music.

When the music stopped Isabella turned to walk away, she couldn’t wait to tell her mother what she found but before she moved a small fairy appeared before her raised its finger to its pursed lips “shhh…..” Isabella nodded, she would keep the secret of the fairies.

stoned - Sue Vincent
Photo Courtesy of Sue Vincent @ Daily Echo



I hope you enjoyed my little “fairy” tale – originally written in response to Sue Vincent’s challenge – #writephoto over at DailyEcho. Writers are encouraged to write a story in 100 words to go with the photo. It is amazing the variety of original story-telling which features. Check it out, you may even be inspired to pen a quick plot of your own! KL ❤



Walking through the woods

As you climb through the wood and run through the trees

You’ll feel someone is watching you who you cannot see

His name is Tom and he’s been left all alone

You are the intruder, you’ve entered his home


Look all around you and feel the rise of the wind

Their checking you out to see if you’re evil or kin

The woods know all, they always have done

Our ancestors knew it but we seem to have forgotten








But back to Tom to the start of our story

The legend, the tale, in all its glory

For he once was just a child like you or like me

Who went for a walk and got stolen by the trees


His mother had warned him, the woods were out of bounds

Tom and his friends giggled, nodded, then went into town.

But on the way home after a boring day

They entered the woods and started to play


They followed the tracks, were many had passed

It led to a clearing, from which ran many paths

Which one to follow, the three children looked at each other

Then Tom made the decision and strode ahead waving to his brother









Laughing out loudly, they weaved in and out the trees

They chased rabbits and squirrels and tried to catch bees

Then Tom fell over scratching his knee

and the sunlight faded to red and up rose a breeze


The children grew cold, now hungry and tired

Ready to return home to face mum and dad

They returned to the trail and followed the track

But it seemed endless, where was the way back?


Tom looked at his brother and their neighbour Jake

They looked so small and tiny as the light began to fade

He was the oldest, his job was to lead

So he stacked a load of pinecones, underneath a tree


He remembered the story of a breadcrumb trail

But no-one would mind eat his pinecones, his plan couldn’t fail

So he left the marker and then a trail to the clearing

Once he got there he shouted, hoping his brother would hear him


But from behind him, came a tap on his shoulder

When he spun round it was just a tree and a boulder

Then another knock came then a voice on the breeze

It was whispering to him, the voice of the trees


Thank you for the gifts, they’ll do rather nicely

They are young and fresh and ever so spritely

We thought people had forgotten the powers of the woods

You use us for camping and biking and collecting our wood

But you never pay homage like your ancestors did

Now you have surprised us by providing two plump kids


“No” shouted Tom. That wasn’t the plan

The whisperings continued but Tom couldn’t understand

His brother was in danger and he started to cry

But the woods were reluctant to give up their prize


Well we want something from you a treasure to hide

People are now so ungrateful for what we provide

Tom thought and thought, what could he give the trees?

What would they want to let his brother go free?

He thought of all the things his mother had told about trees

He curled up his legs, seeing the round bruise on his knees

Then came the decision, the boldest he could make

His plan was something the woods couldn’t debate


“Let my brother and Jake go free”

The whispering turned to laughter amongst the trees

What will you give us in exchange for the boys?

I am far more worthy prize for you to enjoy


Swap two for one that doesn’t seem fair

So Tom showed them his knee and said “look at my rings here”

“I am a tree you see in all but name

I am a grand prize to you, and our rings are the same”


You see, trees value wisdom above all other things

They grow taller and wider and create lots of rings

Marking their importance and heritage too

Something Tom’s mother had taught him and he was proud he knew.


Ok you can join us we’ll set the others free

We’ll teach you the whisper and you can become a tree

We’ll show you our ways and all we hold dear

You can visit your family for one day each year


So remember next time you visit the woods

To whisper to the trees a quick thank you

And if you see a face hidden in a tree

It’s probably old Tom making sure you can leave


The trees are magic our ancestors knew

They whisper their secrets of all they know that’s true

Their beauty and wisdom and this history they hold

And remember this story you’ve now been told