Let’s hear it for the GIRLS!

I feel the biggest pull towards writing historical fiction and the focal points of my novel are usually women from a historical period. I find it a thrill to give a voice to the real-life events that surround them and although written from a modern-day perspective, I tend to focus on the key emotions most women can relate to, love, hate, fairness, motherhood, romance, persecution etc.

Nothing in life is to be feared – Marie Curie

As a family, we love to visit castles and museums. I love to find stories that really capture the strength of character. We recently visited the Yorkshire Museum of Farming (which is very interesting). In amongst the many stories of men (Ford, Massey, Harris, Ferguson, Deere, etc), there was this brilliantly intriguing story of Lady Evelyn ‘Eve’ Balfour who bought her own farm at the age of 21 and began studying the chemical compounds of farming and led the way in more natural-less chemical-based farming.

Lady Evelyn ‘Eve’ Balfour

Belated entry to Marsha’s WQW – Women in History