Review of Durham Murders and Misdemeanours by John Van Der Kiste

Durham Murders and MisdemeanoursDurham Murders and Misdemeanours by John Van der Kiste
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I came across this book while looking around the shelves of a lovely little independent bookshop. The range of cases in the book is intriguing and it is astonishing so many cases took place within a short distance of each other within a relatively short period of time.
The book is well researched as can be seen from the case file extracts and the witness statement extracts contained within this book. Yet John Van Der Kiste also manages to remind readers that these cases involve everyday people; miners, housewives, landlords and labourers. Not the monsters people often expect to find.
The most interesting case is that of Mary Anne Cotton “The West Auckland Poisoner”, as many as twenty may have died at her hand. The details researched are as amazing as the story itself. Sometimes fact is more bizarre than fiction. A very enjoyable read.

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