Review of How to be Champion

How to be Champion by Sarah Millican
My rating: 5 Stars (more if they were available)
Genre: Non-Fiction – Celebrity – Autobiography

Sarah Millican – Cover

📖 I’ve been a Sarah Millican fan for years, I love her style of comedy and I have been lucky enough to see her live a couple of times (and have my prized flower badge to prove it). I’ve had this book lurking on my bookshelves for quite some time and clearly waited far too long to read it as it is a delight!

✍️ This book is an interesting insight into Sarah’s life, including a bit of everything from school, work, marriage, divorce, and of course her career as a comedian. Each chapter has tips at the end on how to be champion, often these are ways to see the positive in an otherwise crappy situation (or just advice on stationery or cakes – which is always a good thing).

🗣 I often think it’s useful to see an extract of a book to get an idea of the author’s writing style. One of the things I loved about this book was it has a WHOLE chapter dedicated to the love of stationery (as a stationery addict, this chapter spoke straight to my soul). With so many Instagram-worthy quotes in there (and this book in general). I thought this line from my favourite chapter might make you chuckle too:

My notebooks are like someone you know rubbing your back; ‘It’s okay, I’m still in your handbag/ on your bedside table/ in the car. Here, have a clean page for all those new cock jokes.’

👓 One of the best things I took away from this book (notebooks and stationery love excluded) was Sarah’s honest look at mental health, counselling and body image.

💭 Overall View: A brilliant book, Sarah comes across as funny, sweet, and self-deprecating. It feels like you are sitting down having a cuppa and natter with Sarah. Overall a really positive experience and I’m very pleased I’ve read it.

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Review of The Creeps by John Connolly – 5 stars

The Creeps (Samuel Johnson, #3)The Creeps by John Connolly

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Samuel Johnson thought he was destined to live his happy ever after. He has his best friend (faithful dog Boswell), one of the prettiest girls in town (who is actually a spoilt brat) and his mum has allowed his two (demon) friends to live with him, he’s even been asked to open a brand new toy shop that is opening in town (the price of fame). Yet there is a lot that isn’t quite right in the quiet town of Biddlecombe, and the question is can Samuel and Boswell save the town (and the girl Samuel really loves) before disaster strikes.

Okay, so I have a confession to make, I didn’t actually read the back of this book before I bought it. I have read a fair few of John Connolly’s other books and had assumed this would just be the same as those. How wrong I was! For a starter, this is a book in part of a series (whoops) and secondly this book is like no other book I have ever read. It is a laugh-out-loud comic genius. Incredibly stupid in many places, yet surprisingly sophisticated and sarcastic in others. Ridiculous to the point you will question your own madness while reading yet something keeps you turning those pages over and over.

So what is it that keeps you reading? The characters, well… Samuel who is the star of this book is boring and plain, in fact, his dog Boswell is far more interesting. Yet, in this book you need that character to keep sane, especially with friendly (and evil) demons to contend with and of course the dwarves (also known as S.O.D.S. Stars of Diminished Stature) all stealing the comedy show.

This clever novel combines dark humour, sadistic storyline and mind-boggling madness so intriguingly well, I was surprised how much I enjoyed it.

I was thinking what this book is similar too and of course having not yet read the first two books in the series, can’t suggest those. However, it does have a few similarities with Neil Gaiman’s fantastic novel “The Graveyard”, perhaps slightly more adult but that similar dark comedy vein running through both.

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Review of The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman 

When life gives you an unexpected lesson…

So, earlier this year I made the crazy decision to try to be a better version of myself – see post. Now, I’m not a small framed girl and ladies in my family are all very generous in the bust department so running does not come particularly naturally to me. Let’s just say I like the idea of it more than the actual doing… However I am nothing if not stubborn and perseverance kept bringing me back to this, it seemed the perfect work-out I could even listen to an audio-book while I go, right, what can be bad about that?

Arriving home from a stressful day, I decided I could squeeze in a quick jog before my husband arrived home. It was cutting it fine but I could do it. However rummaging around in the room I couldn’t find my usual jogging bottoms that double as dog walking gear so settled on leggings (it’s what other girls wear right). Rummaging further I remembered that the workout shirt I used to wear had decided to part way with any normal colour and I had thrown it out. No problem, I still had that lycra top from the yoga class I took all those years ago – a little tight now and a bit too slinky but it would do the job. Bouncing down the stairs in my new attire I raided the coat stand and finding nothing suitable settled on a short sleeve hoody that again is usually relegated to dog walking on the sunny-but-not-quite-summer days. And I was off…Marylin Monroe - Quote.

Running a reasonable pace (I thought) and all in good time. The top began to get on my nerves, slinking up all the time. Not a massive problem on its own but the leggings also decided they wanted to start slipping down. Fed up with the continual battle I grabbed hold of the waistband and hoicked with all my power and heard a ripping sound. Now although impressed at my strength, it was at this point that I realised that leggings weren’t supposed to make that sound and that on further inspection I was actually wearing black footless tights. To make matters worse my underwear was not black – disaster! The top I was wearing refused to co-operate and cover my bottom and I couldn’t even cover myself with my hoodie as it was one of those silly ones with short sleeves.

The good news is I have never run home so fast in all my life and my heart probably got the best work out it has ever had.

run funny

Review of Laughter Lines by Sue Vincent – 5 Stars

Laughter Lines: Life from the Tail EndLaughter Lines: Life from the Tail End by Sue Vincent

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This is a fantastic book full of uplifting stories that entice you in from the first page and capture the readers’ imagination quickly. I fell in love with Ani after reading Notes from a Small Dog(review). So it was great to catch up with both Ani and Sue’s adventures in this poetic sequel.
This book is all about fun and some of the stories will stick with me a long time, particularly adored the St George story and can imagine telling that to grandchildren. Ani of course, is marvellous as the star of the show in her tales. I found Vincent’s writing style very easy and enjoyable to read. Highly recommend it.
An excellent combo of “tails and tales” all rolled into one.

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For more of Sue’s wonderful writing visit her blog right here on wordpress- Daily Echo – (

Review of Notes from a Small Dog: Four Legs on Two by Sue Vincent

Notes from a Small Dog: Four Legs on TwoNotes from a Small Dog: Four Legs on Two by Sue Vincent
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This book came to my attention after discovering this writer contributed to a regular blog, Daily Echo (, I had been lucky enough to read some of the excerpts and when I discovered these tales (no pun intended) had become a book I had to buy it.
Sue Vincents writing is beautiful and the variety of work she creates is astounding. Ani instantly captures the minds (and hearts) of all those who read her stories. Ani’s interpretation of the world is hilarious (and true) and her journey from pup to pen-pusher is magical. An endearing collection that will brighten anyone’s day. Along with a fabulous collection that would make any heart melt.
My only complaint is that I think my henry will now forever be known as the hoover monster! Lol. I can’t wait for the next collection of adventures from Ani’s world.

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