Wonka time!

Name that movie?

I adored this movie as a child. I watched it over and over. My gran used to always buy me a big galaxy bar for Christmas and I used to devour it, feeling like I was one of the kids from the movie.

I adored the book too. Actually I adored all of Roald Dhal’s childrens books (except James and the giant peach, never a fan of that one). I regularly had one book or another borrowed from the library, then Nestle did a wonderful thing, a free Roald Dahl book with every cereal box! It was a dream come true.

My OH is not a big reader per se but when I asked him who his favourite author was and you guessed it, he replied Roald Dhal (he’s actually read one of his adult novels too).

So when I was wandering around Largs last week, I popped into a traditional sweet shop and these little bars beamed back at me. Hubby was delighted when presented with the little treat.

Do you have a favourite childhood movie?

Take care.

KL 🍫


Easter Awareness – Puppy Edition.

A slightly sombre entry

But one that’s for the best

To raise a bit of awareness

To those of us with pets

Chocolates all around us

The Easter bunny’s been

Even though she can’t have any

The dogs looking rather keen

It will really make her poorly

Or need her stomach pumped

So best to keep it out of reach

Even if she gets the hump!

Don’t get me started on hot cross buns

Those will really make her sick

In fact Grapes, raisins, and sultanas

Are all rather toxic

So stick with safe and yummy treats

Chicken is always nice

Or peanut butter or pumpkin

Or even an apple slice.

I know, I know there’s always one that ruins the fun for everyone but after seeing a poor puppy have its stomach pumped after breaking into an easter egg stash (on social media, not my puppy). I thought I’d put this together to remind others. I hadn’t realised hot cross buns were that dangerous too, so it’s always worth being careful.

I hope you all have a wonderful EASTER and for those of us (humans and four-legged friends alike).

Happy Easter from KL Caley

Also linked to this week’s WQW – Seasonal holidays – Easter.

More chocolate needed…

Remember, remember the… oh wait that has already happened….

timeLately time seems to be against me, I am sure most people fail the same, squeezing everything in seems to be impossibly hard and an endless struggle. The frustrating thing is I always intend to do spend the time writing. I see a lot of inspiring things that I think “I will go home and write about” but then I sit at the computer and time seems to fly with no real reason or the things I was so inspired by no longer seem to fit. I’m not sure what the fix for this is (if there is one) I cannot write in the car or at work.


The only solution I have found so far is chocolate. Yep – finally an article thachoct says chocolate is good for you, granted MARS was involved but at this moment in time I’ll take all the help I can get. If chocolate can improve my memory, it may just  remind me what I wanted to write and why by the time I sit down to the computer.

Cocoa can reverse age-related memory decline | Business Standard News.