It’s Question Time

I have discovered a new blog series – Questions hosted by Rory at “aguycalledbloke”.
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Are you ‘mostly’ a short content or a long content reader and how many words within those defines can you comfortably read per post?
I think I am ‘mostly’ a short content reader, although equally I love a good story and will get hooked in and continue reading longer posts too. I think around 1,000 words is probably my comfort level but it really depends on the content. Some of my favourite bloggers post longer stories and I will read to the end once I am invested (especially those that I know often put in a good twist in the ending – haha).

How many blogs do you read per day?
This varies every day. I would say I read around 5 or so blogs over reader on a normal day but over the weekend I read quite a few more as responses to the #writephoto challenge I host tend to mostly come in on a Thursday – Sunday. When I check out the responses I always like to have a browse around their blogs to read latest posts (or just anything that jumps out at me).

Are you a short, long or varying length content writer and if so what is your preferred length for a post that you create?
Depends again on the content. I think I am a varying length content writer. I mostly write fiction but don’t mind if that is a flash piece or a short story. I have done a few serials in the past but I think that’s a little off-putting to the readers so I tend not to do that any more.

What kind of relationship do you have with the blogs that you follow – in so far as Like Only, Read-only, Interact only, Comment only or a combination of all?
I tend to always like a post if I have browsed it. I think it’s great for a reader to see who has stopped by and is enjoying their content. I like to comment too, I love when my followers comment as I think it’s great for a writer to get feedback so I try to do the same with the blogs I read. I like to let bloggers know I enjoyed their post or even what I enjoyed about it.

Thanks for stopping by.

Much love,

KL ❤

Watching the lights – #Writephoto

She stood under the bridge…watching.


Through the window she saw exactly what she expected, the perfect family seated around the dining table. She could see it all so clearly even as the tears briefly blurred her vision then rolled down her ice cold cheek. The children were perfectly dressed, perfectly behaved, and the perfect image of their mother, two boys and a girl. The scene was completed by the doting wife, a loyal dog, and an elderly grandma asleep in the chair. Suppressing the anger and swiping at the tears she turned pulling her thin jacket closer. He did not deserve that perfect family, not when he had turned his back on her and her mother to have it. As she moved further away from the lights and into the darkness she allowed a small catlike smile to spread across her face, she would enjoy ruining his perfect night.

Originally written in response to Sue Vincents #Writephoto challenge – Lights! I’m a little rusty having missed a few challenges but I hope you enjoy anyway.
Use the image to create a post on your own blog… poetry, prose, humour… by noon (GMT) Wednesday and link back to Sue’s post with a pingback. KL ❤

To have a baby or not to have a baby – that is the question!

180 Degrees

Tell us about a time you changed your views on something?

“So, when are you having children?…”

The fearful saying that haunts every newly married couple. I got married because I adore my partner and can’t imagine my life without him in it. I must secretly confess to being somewhat of a hopeless romantic, this is a recent revelation I would have completely denied it before!


I am NOT the modern day love-struck that most people my age are, we don’t take copious amounts of selfies together, I rarely remember to text him, never mind the “just because I love you” soppy ones, and we have completely separate hobbies, so unlike a lot of couples I know, we do not do everything together.

So, where does the soppy-ness come in? Well, the thing we do together, is laugh, alot. I will see something and can’t wait to tell him. Or I will hear a song on the radio and picture him caveman dancing to it and I will laugh. He equally challenges me even when I am in full-on nag mode, he tucks his hands under his arms and imitates a duck (as apparently that’s what I sound like when I nag) this doesn’t sound a lot but as I chase him around the kitchen trying to swat him with a tea towel all tension is lost and we usually end up in a heap on the floor giggling, with the two dogs springing around us madly. It doesn’t sound a lot but it works and has done for seven years now.

laughing quote

The thing is I am approaching 30 and although only married for a year, the beady little eyes of mothers and grandma’s are on us waiting for that tell-tale bump to appear. Heaven forbid they found out I am on a 3 year implant!! But it seems all around me this is the norm, I should have already have had kids? Even today the telegraph had as its feature article Senior NHS doctor tells women ‘have baby before 30’.

biological clock funny

I’m just not there, my clock is about 90° but it’s not quite at the 180… maybe in a few more years…

Wasted Days and Wasted Nights


Daily Prompt: Wasted Days and Wasted Nights

Tell us your tried and true techniques for focusing when that deadline looms and you need to get work done. In other words, how do you avoid wasted days and wasted nights?

“Procrastination” – To postpone or delay needlessly.

I think I suffer as badly as the next writer when it comes to “procrastination”. I don’t deliberately procrastinate when I write, in fact sometimes it is the opposite, inspiration can easily lead to procrastination. I sometimes think of something that will be perfect to include in my writing and began to search on the internet for a visual focus, this can unfortunately lead to hours of “research” and very little writing.


I now have 3 key steps that I use to avoid procrastination:-

  • Visual Management – I have a noticeboard at home which I have labelled up with a 6 month period. On the first Sunday of every month I make a huge pot of tea and sit in my office for two hours updating my noticeboard. I add to it articles/competitions I wish to enter, a blog count target, a book reading/reviewing target and a word count target for my novel. I also use this time to analyse my previous months work as this encourages me to keep going and there is a fantastic feeling if you manage to reach the previous months targets.
  • Internet Off – If I decide to spend the time on my novel I do not switch on the internet. If I come across an area of my story where I need additional data instead of looking online I now add it to a notebook. At work on my lunch break the next day I then research the areas noted and if needed print them to take home. This then limits my internet use and gives me a physical record to review when time is available (I have even read through my notes while sat in the doctors surgery awaiting an appointment). For those that don’t have the willpower there is this available –
  • Set-up – I now have a box file which I keep everything I might need to hand in, notebook, post-it, pens, research book. This means I am ready to write anywhere in the house without needing to be in the office, allowing me to steal time anywhere. If I know I am sitting to write for some time I now make a travel cup of tea and a normal (ceramic) cup that way when I finish my cup I don’t use it as an excuse to get up and make another.

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