A Girl in Every Town

I first saw her on the midway. Her laughter, her wild curly hair, everything about her drew me to her. As her friends started to leave one by one, I took my chance at the hook-a-duck stall. Standing beside her and the couple she was with I reached over and scooped the duck out the water and turned to catch her eye.

“Do you want this?” I said pointing towards the teddy the stallholder had handed me.

“It’s not doing much for my reputation.” She giggled and nodded taking the teddy from me. She indicated that her friends were moving on and I nodded standing awkwardly at the stall.hook-a-duck

“Do you want to come with us?” she asked and my heart fluttered. We spent the next moving from ride to ride. Her couple friend and us making a perfect foursome. My favourite moment being alone on the love train as we entered into the darker tunnel she leaned into me and I caught the scent of raspberry that lingered in her hair. Walking to the gate I asked if I could see her again, she nodded and said we could meet back at the hook-a-duck tomorrow. I smiled and watched her leave, then turned to go to my trailer.

The next day my world sank as I was told this was the last night in town. We were to pack up after the show and move on to the next town. All day I mopped while doing my chores, I couldn’t leave without her. As day turned to night I toured the grounds over and over keeping an eye out for her, hoping I hadn’t misplaced my trust to her. As it got dark I made my way once again to walk passed the hook-a-duck, where my heart skipped as I saw the mass of curls standing at the stall. As I approached, she smiled at me causing my voice to catch in my throat. She held up the little teddy I had given her the night before, she had brought it back.

“I’m so pleased you came back.” She nodded and pointed to the love train. I understood and we made her way arm in arm towards it. In the darkness, I saw her eyes glistening and took the opportunity to kiss her. She was hesitant then kissed back, my whole body filled with warmth. We walked towards my caravan, I told her that I must leave tomorrow, she began to cry saying she didn’t want me to leave her. I nodded to reassure her but I knew she wouldn’t be leaving me.

That night as I helped the team clear the remains of the carnival, I walked towards Jack that ran the hook-a-duck and handed him the teddy. “I’m sorry mate, did this one not work out either?” I nodded sullenly. “Maybe in the next town, lad.” He said reassuringly. “Only if the perfect girl is there.” I said and smiled. That night I slept soundly as the train moved to the next town. Wrapped inside my pillow was a perfect raspberry scented curl.

Originally written using the prompt “I first saw her on the midway” featured on the blog propellant. Check them out for inspirational prompts to keep you writing. My random number is 27.