From the Land of Fairytales

What does it mean to be British?

According to the Oxford English Dictionary the definition of Britishness is:

The quality or state of being British or of embodying British characteristics.

I am not sure this goes a long way in describing what Britishness means. As I myself am a British mongrel, having been born in Glasgow (Scotland), I Eileen Donanmoved to Yorkshire (England) in my teens, then moved in my 20’s to County Durham (England). These three areas have distinct accents (and unfortunately none of which sound anything like Colin Firth’s “British” Accent). These three area’s have different priorities, different schooling, different cultures, and different industry backgrounds. They even have different laws! For example did you know in York, it is legal to murder a Scotsman within the ancient city walls, but only if he is carrying a bow and arrow.

For me I take an altogether different view on patriotism and Britishness, probably a rather naïve, childish view, but one that works for me.

Dracula whitbyBritain for me is a land of fairy-tales. Filled with castles, we have the tales of King Arthur and his knight’s, the legends of Robin Hood hiding out in the luscious green forests and the humble shoemaker and his elves. It is the land of evil uncles murdering Royal Princes’ so that he can be crowned king. It is the green valleys that are the land of hobbits, Abbey ruins frequented by vampires and the Scottish islands that are the homes of the seal people. If this history, these stories can teach someoneGrimes Graves anything, it is that being British is about being different and celebrating that and each other and marvelling at the inspirational land that is all around us.

So for those looking for a bit of inspiration, pick up a book by a great author from your area (or further afield) and immerse yourself in what you can see around you.

Literary Map of Britain

For those that like this map I was bought it from the literary gift company, – there is also an American one and an Irish one too 🙂

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