Know Your History – 15th June – Brian Jacques born

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On this day… 15th June, 1939 – Brian Jacques born

James Brian Jacques (15 June 1939 – 5 February 2011) was an English writer best known for his Redwall series of novels and Castaways of the Flying Dutchman series. He also completed two collections of short stories entitled The Ribbajack & Other Curious Yarns and Seven Strange and Ghostly Tales. His novels have sold more than twenty million copies worldwide and have been published in twenty-eight languages

About the Writing

Jacques showed early writing talent.

At age 10, assigned to write an animal story, he wrote about a bird that cleaned a crocodile’s teeth. His teacher could not believe that a 10-year-old wrote it, and caned the boy for refusing to admit copying the story.

He had always loved to write, but only then did he realize the extent of his abilities.

Jacques was known to prefer old-fashioned ways; he always preferred an old typewriter as being more reliable than a computer. He allowed an animated television series to be produced on which he introduced himself each episode on PBS and answered children’s questions after the cartoon ended.Brian Jacques

Did You Know?..

Jacques worked with his local school for the blind, The Royal School in Liverpool one of the reasons given for why his books are so descriptive.