The First Rule of Writing

Sometimes a quote pops up on social media and makes you halt the endless doom-scrolling. This happened to me today with this:

I love notebooks. Always have. When I was younger I used to often save my money for shiny new stationery or notebooks. Whilst most kids dreaded the end of the summer holidays and the inevitable return to school, I loved it, and the highlight, getting your new school things for the year ahead.

Over the years, I have got slightly fussier, I now have notebook preferences. Ideally, I like a hardback and it has to close (ideally with a magnetic fastening or an elastic one), this keeps my stash of post-its in there until I do something with them. I prefer plain or even better dotted to lined, as it allows me more creativity.

My husband even knows, any pretty notebooks are always welcome gifts (although they may be for admiration purposes only rather than actually written in).

With a busy household, it’s not too often I find myself alone, so I often have to snatch these moments here and there, with a handy notebook to hand ready to catch any ideas at the time.

Some people hit the gym, the pub, do yoga or many other hobbies that give them the time to themselves that we all need, for me, it is writing. That’s the place I am most at peace.

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Over to you, do you love a notebook and have a preference of style? How do you relax?

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