Sunflower 🌻

Some times tending to the allotment can be a slog. The endless weeds, the war with slugs and of course, trying to navigate the joy that is the great British weather.

But watching this little chap lovingly attend to his sunflower 🌻 and the joy on his face when he gets to bring home a basket of bounty makes it all worth it.

Anyone else grow sunflowers? Ours just begun to bloom this week.

Sunflower 🌻


I think I’ve discovered my inner serial killer 😱.

I’ve discovered that I really enjoy weeding. Pulling those pesky plants out, ideally roots and all but some do evade me. Then leaving them on the path a while to shrivel and die.

It’s quite satisfying! If not, borderline maniacal 😆.

On a side note, I have a ton of gooseberries at the lottie this year. Any ideas what to do with them? I’ve had a Google but nothings jumped out at me and I don’t want to waste a lot of time making something that tastes terrible!

Take Care


It’s all