1998 – Buffalo Nickel

I sit at my writing desk and reach for a tiny box that I know contains a small collection of rogue coins from my travels over the years. Reaching in I pluck out a 25ptas coin, golden with a small hole in it and featuring Espana 1998. Turning the coin over repeatedly in my mind, what was I doing then?..

ptasI suspect I was a freckly red-headed pain in the ass if my brother is to be believed. 1998 was my first year joining my brother at high school. I still remember it seemed so big compared to primary school and I hated that three schools mingled to join into one high school meaning there was only a few people I knew in each class. That being said I did grow to love high school and all the eccentricity that went with it. I had a very enthusiastic English teacher (mentioned in a previous post), an art teacher with a glass eye who seemed to never miss a trick and a rather mad physics teacher who was regularly known for throwing chalkboard dusters at those who didn’t pay attention. As you can imagine, those were three of my favourite teachers!!

But what do kids love most about school?.. the holidays and this year was another trek to Spain. Swimming pool all day, chicken for tea most nights (I wasn’t very adventurous with Spanish cuisine), my first taste of red bull (I actually thought it was alcoholic!) and good traditional family memories to last for years.

What were you doing in 1998?
Thanks for the prompt idea – https://dailypost.wordpress.com/dp_prompt/buffalo-nickel/