Toucan Travels

Tommy Toucan took a thrilling flight to the tropics
Tommy Toucan’s friends all thought he was psychotic
Tommy got a yellow bill, and he soon felt ill
So he had to take lots of antibiotics

Toucan – A Letter A Week – T – nope, not pam

A bit of fun written for NOPE, NOT PAM‘s challenge – A Letter A Week – T , this week’s prompts:

Place – tropics

Emotion – thrill

Adjective – tactical

Verb – tempt

My animal – toucan


The Road to Happiness

The road to the harbour was long and winding.

The old horse neighed, wearily.

I had to make it to the market on time.

Haggle with the headstrong marketers who ran the place.

Bring something back to provide for my family for the month.

Our budget was small and our needs great.

But the market was our best bet.

I yawned with the exhaustion of the early start, yearning for the break in the trees that signified the harbour would soon be in sight. Still, it would be worth it.

I would do anything for a happy, healthy family.

Winding Road – WDYS 135 by Keep it alive

Deb, over at Nope, Not Pam, has this weekly challenge called A Letter a Week. The only rule is that you use the letter of the week … anyway you want. She also supports the prompt with a place, an emotion, an adjective, a verb, and an animal all starting with the same letter, should you wish to use them. Then she asks us to write a post with the letter she has given us, which this week is the letter H. I have combined Deb’s post with Sadje’s WDYS Prompt – #135, using the image above to inspire the tale.

Gaining Control

He walked from the room, and she grabbed the closest thing to hand, throwing it at the door. He had not even glanced back as he walked away. The glass shattering forced her into action, she moved across the room and begin picking up the fragile pieces. Only one ragged piece remained large enough to see her glazed expression. The reflection taunted her, ganging up on her with the persistent voice that was in her head. Had she been good enough?

Gaaaaaahhh! She screamed aloud to no one. Actually, the scream felt great. She felt she was gaining control.  Time to re-evaluate her taste in guys, this was the last one that would take her for granted!

Originally written in Response to

Sadje’s – WDYS – 134

WDYS 134 – Reflection

Nopenotpam – letter a week – G

  • Grabbed, Glanced, Glass, Glazed, ganging, good, Gaaaaahh, great, gaining, guys, granted.