To have a baby or not to have a baby – that is the question!

180 Degrees

Tell us about a time you changed your views on something?

“So, when are you having children?…”

The fearful saying that haunts every newly married couple. I got married because I adore my partner and can’t imagine my life without him in it. I must secretly confess to being somewhat of a hopeless romantic, this is a recent revelation I would have completely denied it before!


I am NOT the modern day love-struck that most people my age are, we don’t take copious amounts of selfies together, I rarely remember to text him, never mind the “just because I love you” soppy ones, and we have completely separate hobbies, so unlike a lot of couples I know, we do not do everything together.

So, where does the soppy-ness come in? Well, the thing we do together, is laugh, alot. I will see something and can’t wait to tell him. Or I will hear a song on the radio and picture him caveman dancing to it and I will laugh. He equally challenges me even when I am in full-on nag mode, he tucks his hands under his arms and imitates a duck (as apparently that’s what I sound like when I nag) this doesn’t sound a lot but as I chase him around the kitchen trying to swat him with a tea towel all tension is lost and we usually end up in a heap on the floor giggling, with the two dogs springing around us madly. It doesn’t sound a lot but it works and has done for seven years now.

laughing quote

The thing is I am approaching 30 and although only married for a year, the beady little eyes of mothers and grandma’s are on us waiting for that tell-tale bump to appear. Heaven forbid they found out I am on a 3 year implant!! But it seems all around me this is the norm, I should have already have had kids? Even today the telegraph had as its feature article Senior NHS doctor tells women ‘have baby before 30’.

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I’m just not there, my clock is about 90° but it’s not quite at the 180… maybe in a few more years…