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This is a fantastic post on manuscript formatting! I now know to end my love affair with the tab button, who knew it could cause so much trouble!! The solution is very simple too. Great help for us aspiring writers.

Life in the Realm of Fantasy

Book- onstruction-sign copyI’ve blogged before on this subject, but it is time to talk about it again: making your manuscript ready for submission to an editor, agent, or a publisher. All agents, editors and publishing companies have specific, standardized formatting they want you to use, and these guidelines are posted on their websites.

The submissions page for TOR Forge, one of the Big Boys in the publishing world, clearly says: “Standard manuscript format means margins of at least 1 inch all the way around; indented paragraphs; double-spaced text; and Times New Roman in 12 pitch. Please use one side of the page only. Do not justify the text. Do not bind the manuscript in any way. Make sure the header of the ms. includes your name and/or the title of the book as well as the page number (on every page).”

For the most part this formatting is basically the same from company to…

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Know Your History – 9th January


know your history - writing

On this day….

9th January

2000 – Nigel Tranter OBE, Scottish historian and author died.

Nigel was a skilled writer and creative in many genres including Historical Fiction, adventure, westerns and children’s literature. He also wrote many non-fiction books on Scottish History, Architecture and Travel.

He published his first book at the young age of 25! An amazing achievement.

Although his first fictional novel was rejected by publishers, a second fictional novel was written and soon accepted. The Queen’s Grace (1953) was his first novel to focus on an historical character (in this case, Mary, Queen of Scots), although it contained a high fictional content. Two trilogies followed: the MacGregor Trilogy (1957–1962) and the Master of Gray Trilogy (1961–1965). By this time, Tranter was well established as a writer of serious historical fiction. The fictional content decreased as he became more experienced, and his later novels were almost entirely…

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Dating a Writer

All very true points – I would also add “Books are a perfectly reasonable Christmas present request”
❤ KL

Writer's Treasure Chest

Today I was surfing the internet to learn more about me being a writer and how my world, my life, my leisure time behavior has changed.

I as well wanted to find out how couples are finding arrangements when one of them is a writer.

At the end I ended up at ‘buzzfeed’ and found a hilarious, but apparently quite accurate infographic I couldn’t resist sharing.

What do you think: Is this just as true as I believe it is?

Picture courtesy of: http://www.buzzfeed.com/markigmen/11-things-to-know-about-dating-a-writer-13o1t#.ssJQ4xpaa Picture courtesy of: http://www.buzzfeed.com/markigmen/11-things-to-know-about-dating-a-writer-13o1t#.ssJQ4xpaa

If you have something to add, let us all know by leaving your comment. 🙂 Thank you!

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No author is an island …

Very true, I have found and read many great books through blogs I follow and often this is by them re-blogging and promoting authors they like. I also think it is important that bloggers always try to leave a review and link back to the authors blog were possible so that they can see (and share it) if they want. It is actually very exciting when the author gets back in touch, about your review too. Making the read that little bit more special KL 🙂

Books: Publishing, Reading, Writing

I finished reading a book on marketing that, while good, worthwhile, and filled with lots of ideas and information (much of which I already use) to get your book out there and selling, it fell short, in my estimation.

Yes, it discussed the importance of building a fan base and giving fans what they want, and it also suggested one way of developing your career as being to call on others more experienced in your field and essentially “use” them and their influence to get ahead (something I didn’t particularly agree with).


But where the book fell short was in not once mentioning the importance of “promoting the writing and books of other authors” or in working with other authors to create a community in which all can thrive. Authors who read and follow the advice in this book will come out looking like lone wolves grasping after sales alone…

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UK Readers – Please Sign, Share and Save Jobs

superman - batman disguiseDear Readers,

Normally I keep my other life separate from my writing life where possible. But a recent turn of events has changed that.

So I am calling out to you all UK wordpressers for help and support.

I work at SMD, one of the few remaining UK engineering and manufacturing firms.  The government recently blocked an export license requested by the company due to incorrect classification of our equipment. Due to this and the general downturn in the industry the company are now going through a major redundancy that will affect around a third of staff, this is the second time this year we will be going through this process. The blocking of this license not only affects SMD in the North East but also the 200+ local suppliers and a further 500+ suppliers across the UK that SMD use.

Can everyone please sign this petition,

Please follow the link, it will ask you for your email address as they need send you an email to forward you the link to sign the petition. This is a 1 off email and you will not be constantly “spammed”.

Your signature could save a lot of jobs and help make those families have a better Christmas. Please don’t forget to share this page around all of your readers, friends and family. The more people we reach with this the better.  Thank you.

thank you dog

If you’d like to read more on this issue please see this article in the chronicle: – http://www.chroniclelive.co.uk/business/business-news/wallsend-smd-workers-facing-redundancy-10531176


Win a free book cover custom designed by Ana Spoke!

A fantastic offer of a free book cover design including the original files.

Ana Spoke, author

Omg, you guys – I had the most genius idea ever. You’ve been so nice and supportive while I’ve been going through the ups and downs of trying to hire not one, but two designers, getting sorely disappointed and then designing both the ecover and the wrap myself.  Just to remind you of what I can do, here is the wrap:

Shizzle paperback final for production

A lot of you took the time to comment on the process – thank you again! Several of you have also mentioned hiring me as a designer. To be honest, I don’t want to branch into that – it’s a stressful job, takes a long time, and just thinking of taking somebody’s money and then disappointing them gives me the heebie-jeebies. So I just answered those comments with jokes. Sorry.

But then I had a light bulb moment. Sure, I don’t want another job, and I don’t have the time…

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Capturing History Challenge

I am a little behind on this challenge but very excited non-the-less! There are so many beautiful sites around the world and skilled photographers on wordpress I can’t wait to see who responds. I even have a few history and heritage posts I’d like to add so can’t wait to take part in the challenge. Good Luck everyone. KL 🙂

Ed Mooney Photography

10675570_809983652429846_5455560492157749282_n Baltinglass Belltower

With today being World Photography Day, I have been scouring the web to see what is going on. It amazes me that the first commercially available 35mm film camera was only developed 90 years ago?  And the digital camera only came out 20 years ago. In fact would you believe that camera phones were only beginning to come out 15 years ago? With advancements in digital technologies photography is now easily accessible to every Man, Woman and Child. Whether it’s a quick selfie on your smart phone or an artistic landscape or portrait taken on a DSLR, we can now capture images anywhere and anytime.

Dunamase Castle Dunamase Castle

And so the little hamster in my head started to race around on his wheel and I got thinking, this weekend is the start of National Heritage Week here in Ireland, which runs from 22 – 30 August 2015. You can…

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Meet n Greet!

Great Idea from DreamBigs site, a nice way to discover wonderful new talent and meeting people.

I still feel I am new to the world of writing, blogging and reviewing. But I have found many like-minded writers and look forward to discovering more.

Feel free to drop by and say hello too. 🙂

Dream Big, Dream Often

By the time you read this I will have been on the road for several hours!!  We have talked recently about the importance of networking and meeting new people, so here’s your chance.  Feel free to leave a link to your blog post or page and a little info about yourself in the comments and then reblog!  Great way to network.

For those of my readers that are not bloggers take a few moments and scan the links in the comments as there are so many talented writers on WordPress.  One of my favorite things about WP is it serves as a social platform allowing me to discover so many talented individuals!


I have never done this before, but figured what better way to spend a Sunday than helping others expand their readership??!!  After all, I met so many of you through a similar meet n greet on OM’s page…

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AB’s Awesomeness Award – Thank you all

What an amazing thing to do from an amazing blogger that I am pleased to read regularly! Thank you AB for the kind mention.

My favourite post? I like a few but I still find this one inspirational – https://new2writing.wordpress.com/2015/01/01/step-out-of-the-mirror/

Thanks Again
KL 🙂

Perspectives on Life, the Universe and Everything

This is dedicated to all of you my diehard readers/serial likers/skimmers/supports and general passerby bloggers. Thank you so much, you have been given AB’s Awesomeness Award, You are amazing, you deserve lot more in life and it will be yours, keep trying.

I don’t want to embarrass you all by names, but you know who you are. I also nominate you for all the wonderful awards I have got so far, you all deserve this.

No rules, a simple request, if you like this concept then reblog this (only if you do this normally) otherwise just sit pretty and enjoy Sunday and every other day of your life and please laugh a little everyday, it helps prolonging your wonderful life 🙂

I thank you all again for just making my life amazing. Stay blessed and keep smiling.

Since last time here is the update for those wonderful supporters, I have…

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Two Competitions From Erewash Writers

Calling All Writers!! Up-coming Short Story Competitions.

Sally Jenkins

Debbie from Erewash Writers has been in touch with information about their latest short story competitions:

The first one is FREE to enter. It has a theme of ‘Summer Loving’  and there is a maximum of 1,200 words in which to tell the story. The closing date is 27th August 2015 and the judge is Andrew Campbell-Kearsey, author of more than 100 published short stories. The winner will receive Andrew’s book ‘Centurionman‘, one free entry to the Erewash Open Short Story Competition 2016 plus online publication of the story on their website and Facebook page. Full competition details can be found here.

The second competition is the Erewash Open Short Story Competition, closing September 24th 2015. Entry fees are a reasonable £3 per entry or £2.50 if entering two or more stories. The competition has an open theme and 2,000 words limit.  The judge is Simon Whaley. There are…

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