73(ish) questions – Looking at you through the glass…

So, I was reading an unusual post from a fellow WordPress blogger who normally writes fantastic fiction (check her out – awordadventure). Instead, she was doing the 73 question quiz below. Her answers were great and I couldn’t help considering what my answers would be so here you go:-

Tweaked to add a 74th question. Feel free to join in the fun and remember to pingback so I can check out your answers too. 🙂

KL ❤

  1. What’s your favourite movie?
definitely maybe_jane eyre_book_ryan reynolds
Quote from Definitely Maybe

Tough question but I would probably go with Definitely Maybe. It’s a strange one for me as I’m not really a romcom person but I love this one. Maybe because it was a book that brought them together. 🙂

  1. Favourite movie in the past five years?

Now You See Me – an Unusual movie with a great twist at the end.

  1. Favourite Hitchcock film?

The birds. Definitely. Watched this late at night on holiday when I was about 12, then ironically there was fluttering sound against the window. A moth was in the bedroom, scared the crap out of me.

  1. A book you plan on reading?

The sequel to Miss Peregrine’s School for Peculiar Children. Adored the first book, the mixture of bizarre old photo’s and intriguing storyline.

  1. A book that you read in school that positively shaped you?

To Kill a Mockingbird. This wasn’t actually part of our school reading but my step-father had read it when he was at school and suggested I would enjoy it. It turned into one of my favourite books.

  1. Favourite TV show that’s currently on?


  1. On a scale of one to ten, how excited are you about life right now?

8 or 9. 2015 wasn’t a great year for me, so I’m determined to do all I can to 635850197284573487-484381917_Setting-Goals-for-2016make 2016 a great year. Apart from a rather horrid dose of flu and chest infection, it’s going quite well. With the first draft of my novel almost done, I am hoping 2016 will sparkle.

  1. IPhone or Android?


  1. Twitter or Instagram?


  1. Who should EVERYONE be following right now?

Sue Vincent (you may know Sue from Ani’s fame :p) from Daily Echo and Ronovan Hester from Ronovanwrites. Ronovan has recently published a novel too that I am enjoying immensely, review to follow soon.

  1. What’s your favourite food?


  1. Least favourite food?


  1. What do you love on your pizza?


  1. Favourite drink?books & tea


  1. Favourite dessert?

Lemon cheesecake

  1. Dark chocolate or milk chocolate?


  1. Coffee or tea?


  1. What’s the hardest part about being a mum?

I’m not a mum. I am however owned by two fluffy slave-drivers. Millie asleepHardest part of that is the helpless feeling when they are poorly. Last year the little one had an infection and had to have two of her backteeth taken out. She was so poorly for days and sat crying. We realised she had deviously learned that if she cried we came running to soothe her.

  1. What’s your favourite band?

The Baseballs

  1. Favourite solo artist?

Michael Buble

  1. Favourite song?

This changes regularly. I love music and have quite eclectic tastes I listen to everything from pop to heavy metal and most stuff in between it all depends on my mood. So my favourite song right now is “can’t feel my face” by the weeknd.

  1. If you could sing a duet with anyone, who would it be?

I wouldn’t sing with anyone except maybe the dog but I don’t think he’d be pleased about it.

  1. If you could master one instrument, what would it be?


  1. If you had a tattoo, where would it be?

On my hip. Somewhere secret but that I could still see it if I wanted to.

  1. To be or not to be?

To be is to do. —Socrates

  1. Dogs or cats?


  1. Bird-watching or whale-watching?

I get sea-sick but I would love to do Whale-watching

  1. The best gift you’ve ever received?

Soppy but I would say my engagement ring.

  1. The best gift you’ve ever given?

For his birthday I sent my husband to a 4×4 track that he could use his own vehicle on. He still talks fondly about the day now and the farm that did it is now closed. It feels like it wasn’t a gift I gave him but a special memory for that stage in his life.

  1. The last gift you gave a friend?

A necklace and perfume set.

  1. What’s your favourite board game?

Monopoly. My husband got me English Heritage monopoly for Christmas too.

  1. What’s your favourite country to visit?

Great Britain. I love history and it truly is everywhere around us. Living in the UK, I am always so amazed at how much of our own history we do not know, despite it being on our doorstep. I have an English Heritage and National Trust pass and love nothing more than visiting these sites and finding out the history of the site and the people that once lived there.

  1. What’s the last country you visited?

Corsica in France. A beautiful small island, that feels almost Italian but is French. The people were wonderful, the food was delicious and the sites were just breathtaking.

  1. What country do you wish to visit?

There are several parts of Italy I haven’t yet visited, Florence, Venice & Pisa.

  1. What’s your favourite colour?


  1. Least favourite colour?


  1. Diamonds or pearls?

Neither – my most precious jewels are the sterling silver charms my husband buys me for my traditional charm bracelet, each one documenting an occassion so far in our life together.

  1. Heels or flats?run funny

I have succumbed to the flats.

  1. Pilates or yoga?

Neither – at the moment, my (incredibly active) husband has me doing the T25 workout on an evening.

  1. Jogging or swimming?


  1. The best way to de-stress?

Book, bath and tea.

  1. If you had one superpower, what would it be?

I would love to be able to read like Johnny 5.


  1. What’s the weirdest word in the English language?

Inflammable. Flammable and Inflammable, why do we have two words for this?

  1. What’s your favourite flower?


  1. When was the last time you cried?

3 weeks ago.

  1. Do you like your handwriting?

I don’t think anyone does. However in general, I love handwriting I think it is truly beautiful and a lost art. I went to the Glasgow Museum of Transport last year and they have some old original ship drawings, all hand drawn and all with handwritten notes, they were breath-taking to me, the detail is just amazing.

  1. Do you bake?


  1. What is your least favourite thing about yourself?

I worry too much and over-analyze things, particularly when it comes to people. I allow other people’s emotions affect mine.

  1. What is your most favourite thing about yourself?

My organisation skills. I am quite a methodical person and like to have things planned and organised.

  1. Who do you miss most?

My mum.

  1. What are you listening to right now?

Nothing, the birds tweeting and the dogs snoring, apart from that silence.

  1. Favourite smell?

Clean bedding that has been drying on the laundry line.

  1. Who was the last person you talked to on the phone?

My husband.

  1. Who was the last person you sent a text to?

My Dad.

  1. A sport you wish you could play?Robert Louis Stevenson

I wish I was braver (and fitter) so that I could go downhill biking with my husband. Something I may work towards on the side.

  1. Hair colour?


  1. Eye colour?


  1. Scary film or happy endings?

Scary film

  1. Favourite season?


  1. Three people alive or dead that you would like to have dinner with?

Barbara Erskine, Phil Rickman and Sarah Rayne – although if I could have a fourth it would be Stephen fry.

  1. Hugs or kisses?


  1. Rolling Stones or the Beatles?rolling stone


  1. Where were you born?


  1. What is the farthest you have been from home?


  1. Sweet or savoury?


  1. Lipstick or lip gloss?

Lipstick if I feel I have to. Generally, makeup less is my preference.

  1. What book have you read again and again?

I am not really a re-reader but any Barbara Erskine book is certainly worth a re-read – Lady of Hay, Kingdom of Shadows, Child of the Pheonix.

  1. Favourite bedtime story?roald dahl quote - secrets & magic

Again I am not a re-reader, I am captivated by each new story I come across. As a child, I was bought Roald Dhal’s treasury full of stories, poems and sketches. I used to take that to bed with me in between books and I still have it now, so probably that.

  1. What would be the title of your autobiography?

Looking at you through the glass – outside looking in.

  1. Favourite sound?

The sound of the country. I want to live somewhere more remote one day. I love waking up having a cuppa tea, letting the dog out into the garden and listening to the birds tweeting and the world waking. It’s a shame that it’s so noisy once it’s awake!

  1. Favourite animal?Laddie Millie - Walks

Dog – how can it not be with these two filling my life with love and laughter?


  1. Who is your girl crush?

I am drawing a real blank at this one. I don’t think I would use the term girl crush as I guess that is centred on looks if so I guess Isla Fisher. However, there are so many to women admire an obvious one would be J.K Rowling not just for her fantastic novels, or because of the obstacles she has overcome but mainly for the fact that she has managed to encourage a generation of children to read. A generation that I fear may have missed out if because of how many other options there are for things to do with your time.

  1. The last photograph you took?

Helmsley CastleHelmsley Castle








Just one little extra question….

 74. What are the five items you must have on a deserted island?

Is a boat, compass, atlas, food and drink are out of the question? I could probably sacrifice the food for some suncream as I go red as a lobster.

sunburn book funny


Boab’s Tree

I climb higher and higher into the branches.

“What are you doing, Boab?” shouted my brother from the ground, his hands on his hips, his face pouting slightly.

“Declaring this tree as mine.” I bellowed back and begin to rummage in my backpack. I was prepared. I had stolen borrowed some of dad’s tool from the shed and some wood and had even made a sign.

“What are you talking about?” he yelled back but I ignored him and he began muttering and trying to find a way to follow me up. Why couldn’t he see it? This tree had everything we needed. It was perfect. It even had some well-located holes and branches to allow me to climb, my brother being a little shorter was struggling. I hear him puff and pant with exertion then as he gets a little closer I reached down my hand and pulled him up.

“Woww…” he exhaled loudly looking around at the canopy of branches.

“See.” I say and smiled in my triumph, maybe there was hope for him after all.

“Aren’t you worried about that?” he pointed to a large hole in the centre of the tree.

“What? The hole? No, that’s what makes this tree perfect – we are going to climb in and make it a den. No-one will find it and no-one will see it?”

“But won’t it be dark?”

“Well, we’ll hollow out a few light holes.” Dan looks at me with a face that conveys his doubt at the plan but putting trust in his older brother nods, I nod back and we got to work. Within a few hours, we had a ladder in and out of the tree, a sign declaring the den as ours and a second ladder ready to be dropped into the hole.

“Boab, aren’t you scared something might be in there?” Dan asks thrusting his chubby finger in the direction of the hole.

“Well,” I hesitate, I hadn’t really thought of that, then my resolve returns. “We’ve been banging around all day Dan, if something was down there, it would have run off or ran at us by now.”

Grabbing hold of the rope I launched myself into the tight space. At first, the opening seemed to get narrower and narrowed my backpack scraping tightly against the wall. When I glanced back out towards the light I could see Dan large eyes peering over the edge his mouth hanging upon in a little o shape. I focussed on the task and began climbing further and further down, looking at Dan was making me nervous. I hadn’t realised white quite how engrossed I was until Dan’s little voice echoed down the tree trunk.

“Boab, are you still there? Are you alright?” his worried voice echoed down to me. I looked up expecting to see him and realised I couldn’t. Actually I couldn’t see much, I gulped a little admitting to myself I hadn’t really expected it to be this dark. But the hole was opening wider again and my backpack no longer scraped off the side. So I must be near the bottom I thought and with this little bit of reassurance, I kept going lower and lower giving a quick “I’m fine” up the hole to Dan.

I went from climbing steadily to placing my foot on a hard surface. It actually took me by surprise and I feel unsteadily from the room to the ground landing quite painfully onto my knees with an oomph. I stayed still for a few minutes listening. What if Dan had been right and there was someone else down here? After nothing but silence greeted me, I rummaged in my backpack pulling out the lamps from my dad’s workshop. Flicking the first one on I glance up towards the hole I had climbed through and was shocked to see the roots of trees coming through the ceiling.

“Wow,” The sound escaped my mouth without me knowing and was quickly followed by Dan’s eager voice.

“What? What is it Boab? What have you found? Is it safe?”

Boab's Tree Image
“Children need art and stories and poems and music.” Philip Pullman

I ignored him for a minute as I moved my torch around the room. I struggled to take it in, it was a large circular space with more tree roots covering the walls. Beside one of the walls, there were two chairs. Shining the torch carefully on the floor I made my way to the wall, my mind struggling to take in what I could see… books. Between the lines of the roots, someone had placed books. I moved the torch around and everywhere I looked was more and more. Someone had used the gnarled roots as bookshelves.

“Dan, quick climb down you’ve got to see this.”

I ran back to my backpack and pulled out the other torches. I placed them on the floor around the room so that their light filled the room. In every space, there seemed to be more and more books. I pulled the sheets off of the chairs then stepped back into the middle of the room to admire my work just as Dan got to the bottom. He glanced around the room.

“Wow,” I turned and grinned at him.

“Boab, you found a secret cave filled with books.”

Walking over to the shelf I lifted one of the dusty books off and blew on it as hard as I could. Opening it I sat on one of the chairs and smiled up at Dan.

“No Dan, I found a secret cave filled with treasure”.

“Children need art and stories and poems and music as much as they need #Writer’s Quote Wednesday & #BeWoWlove and food and fresh air and play.” – Philip Pullman
This post was originally inspired by a FRIDAY FICTION prompt with RONOVAN WRITES   but I struggled with where to take the story. I then found an article by Philip Pullman which gave me my #BEWOW/ #Writer’sQuoteWednesday – inspiring me to move the story along, I hope everyone enjoyed. KL ❤

“Children need art and stories and poems and music as much as they need love and food and fresh air and play. “

Read something similar by another WordPress blogger yesterday too. All writers saying the same thing – children need stories.

Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award

Pullman Philip 2

Wise words from Philip Pullman, who received the Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award in 2005:

Children need art and stories and poems and music as much as they need love and food and fresh air and play. If you don’t give a child food, the damage quickly becomes visible. If you don’t let a child have fresh air and play, the damage is also visible, but not so quickly. If you don’t give a child love, the damage might not be seen for some years, but it’s permanent.

But if you don’t give a child art and stories and poems and music, the damage is not so easy to see. It’s there, though. Their bodies are healthy enough; they can run and jump and swim and eat hungrily and make lots of noise, as children have always done, but something is missing.

It’s true that some people grow up never encountering…

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Collecting Words and Sentences

I love this idea. Having friends that suffer from depression I can imagine this could also be used as a very good positive reinforcement tool to help them through difficult times.
This year I started a happiness jar which is a similar idea – each time something positive happens no matter how little or big I put it in a jar so at the end of the year I’ll have year of happy memories to reflect my year.
Positivity can’t be underestimated. I believe if you can think positive it helps make you feel positive and vice versa.

The Daily Post

My college roommate and I used to collect quotes for one another. We’d write inspirational words down on Post-its and keep files where we regularly stored our favorite messages that we’d stumbled across. We both agreed: words are powerful.

When someone expresses an observation that we identify with, a sense of validation and synchronicity arises within us. We’re reminded that we’re not alone, that someone, somewhere else in the world, has discovered the same truth that we’re living or perhaps arrived at a conclusion we needed to hear ourselves.

Make your own Bible. Select and collect all the words and sentences that in all your readings have been to you like the blast of a trumpet.
-Ralph Waldo Emerson

I came across the quote above from a fellow quote-collector, journaler, and generally uplifting blogger, Gala Darling. In her “30 Days of Radical Self-Love Letters,” she talks about starting a…

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Magical post by Sue on the myths of the lands and the stories they tell. Her parting paragraph is truly beautiful “the best way to read them is as a child would read, with an openness to wonder and wondering, without analysing too much or dwelling on apparent inconsistencies and impossibilities that the adult may reject but which the child accepts without a blink.”

Dating a Writer

All very true points – I would also add “Books are a perfectly reasonable Christmas present request”
❤ KL

Writer's Treasure Chest

Today I was surfing the internet to learn more about me being a writer and how my world, my life, my leisure time behavior has changed.

I as well wanted to find out how couples are finding arrangements when one of them is a writer.

At the end I ended up at ‘buzzfeed’ and found a hilarious, but apparently quite accurate infographic I couldn’t resist sharing.

What do you think: Is this just as true as I believe it is?

Picture courtesy of: http://www.buzzfeed.com/markigmen/11-things-to-know-about-dating-a-writer-13o1t#.ssJQ4xpaa Picture courtesy of: http://www.buzzfeed.com/markigmen/11-things-to-know-about-dating-a-writer-13o1t#.ssJQ4xpaa

If you have something to add, let us all know by leaving your comment. 🙂 Thank you!

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Meet and Greet Weekend @ DBDO: New Year’s Day 2016

One of the best things about WordPress is the community of great bloggers on here. This is Dream Big’s first Meet and Greet of the year! Start the new year off meeting new people. ❤ KL

Dream Big, Dream Often


It’s the Meet and Greet weekend at Dream Big!!  I hope everyone had a safe New Year’s celebration!

Ok so here are the rules:

  1. Leave a link to your page or post in the comments of this post.
  2. Reblog this post.  It helps you, it helps me, it helps everyone!  So don’t be selfish, hit the reblog button.
  3. Edit your reblog post and add tags (i.e. reblogging, reblog, meet n greet, link party, etc.), it helps, trust me on this one.
  4. Share this post on social media.  Many of my non-blogger friends love that I put the Meet n Greet on Facebook and Twitter because they find new bloggers to follow.  This helps also, trust me.

Now that all the rules have been clearly explained get out there and Meet n Greet your butts off!

See ya when I get home on Monday!!


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No author is an island …

Very true, I have found and read many great books through blogs I follow and often this is by them re-blogging and promoting authors they like. I also think it is important that bloggers always try to leave a review and link back to the authors blog were possible so that they can see (and share it) if they want. It is actually very exciting when the author gets back in touch, about your review too. Making the read that little bit more special KL 🙂

Books: Publishing, Reading, Writing

I finished reading a book on marketing that, while good, worthwhile, and filled with lots of ideas and information (much of which I already use) to get your book out there and selling, it fell short, in my estimation.

Yes, it discussed the importance of building a fan base and giving fans what they want, and it also suggested one way of developing your career as being to call on others more experienced in your field and essentially “use” them and their influence to get ahead (something I didn’t particularly agree with).


But where the book fell short was in not once mentioning the importance of “promoting the writing and books of other authors” or in working with other authors to create a community in which all can thrive. Authors who read and follow the advice in this book will come out looking like lone wolves grasping after sales alone…

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Connect With Me//Mix and Mingle

FreeBryd is holding a meet and greet over at befree2love.com be sure to check it out and say hello. KL 🙂

Be Free 2 Love

Sunday’s on Be Free 2 Love, will now be dedicated to meeting new people!

You never know who will cross your path, and what purpose they will serve in your live.  In my experience so far with life in general, so many others continue to encourage and inspire me, and many have no idea how much they are appreciated.  Let’s take a moment to say hi to someone new, and possibly gain a long-term friend.


In recognition of today, I ask that you do the following:

  1. Please share one fun fact about yourself.
  2. Please share at least one goal you plan to reach for the week.  The more you say it, the more you’ll make it happen!
  3. Leave a link to your page, so others can get to check out your space.
  4. Want to share this post with others? Be sure to pingback and reblog this post, and…

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