Creating a Routine


With a full-time job, a wedding in 6 months, 2 dogs and a husband-to-be to keep entertained (not to mention hitting the gym to slim into that wedding dress!), life sometimes gets in the way of the things you really want to achieve.

My ultimate goal – to be a published author, of course! Why? Mainly, because I love books. I love drifting off into someone else’s life and being absorbed by who they are, what they face and what they do next. I love being able to become a total b*tch and hate who the characters hate and take certain glee when something bad happens to the bad guy. I love being able to predict the twist in a story (usually around a quarter of the way through) and I actually love it even more when I get it wrong and the twist is totally unexpected. So with all this passion on my side and all these stories bubbling inside me eager to be told the writing should come easily right? Wrong!

With more and more distractions each day and the increase of things that MUST be checked out on the internet (you really have to check out the most perfectly timed photos of 2013), I think it is about time to get myself in gear and create a routine I can work with. Phil Jourdon’s steps below seem a good place to start. New Year and a New ME.

7 great ways to build your writing routine


About ME…


I have wanted to be a writer since I was around 7 years old.

I remember the first story I ever wrote and showed to anyone was about my pet hamster, my brothers’ pet mouse flying on holiday using my grans pet budgie to “Hamstertit”. The inspiration behind this story was my own family holiday to Estartit that summer.

Hopefully my writing has evolved a little since then. I have read through many genres of novels all of which inspire me in their own ways. This blog should help me enhance my skill, inspire creative thinking and perhaps more importantly keep me in the habit of writing regularly. After all, all these random ideas I have swimming around in my head are not going to turn themselves into novels without a little effort. Time to pull my socks up…

Be the Change