Cathedrals, Cannons, and Cuppas in Carlisle…

My husband is just a little angel. When life gets stressful, he knows how to make the world a little sunnier (even on a wet drizzly day).

Today, we headed to Carlisle. The weather wasn’t great but the scenery, tea and cake were all marvellous. Just what I needed.

Thank you for the lovely messages from my wonderful wp friends. I am absolutely fine, just life throwing us a few curveballs.

Take care.

KL ❤️


7 thoughts on “Cathedrals, Cannons, and Cuppas in Carlisle…

  1. I’m reading more because I saw the hospital picture as I scrolled down a ways. I hope you are okay., KL. Your mini-vacation looks lovely and I love the way you displayed the pictures. 🙂

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