The Hospital Bed

The hospital bed

Hello my old friend

I was hoping I wouldn’t

See you again

The nurses are great

They work so hard

Those in power don’t notice

Until they’ve raised a placard

Someone mentioned patients

Can no longer get flowers

Days and nights merge as one

I count down the hours

I lay here hoping…

Waiting for the doctor to say

“You’re finally well enough

To be on your way.”


15 thoughts on “The Hospital Bed

  1. Kick up a fuss. Worked great for my mom. They still kept her as long as they needed to, but she had something to break up the monotony by arguing with the nurses

  2. Hi everyone, thank you all for your concern. Not me, my father. We’d been hoping we’d have a little reprieve from the hospital but sadly it wasn’t to be the case. ๐Ÿ’” Thank you all for being so king. KL โค๏ธ

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