#Writephoto Round-Up – Cannon

They now stay strong and silent,

Soluting the sky

Never questioning the orders,

Never asking why


I love this picture. It was from a very rainy day in Scotland on a visit to Stirling Castle. In the background you can just make out the Wallace Monument which this cannon was aimed towards. It really is a fascinating place, with such a rich history and some marvellous tour guides. Highly recommended, even in the rain!

Apologies all, WordPress decided to play silly beggars this week so not all pingbacks have tracked. This is the list of links that I can see but of course if I have missed anyone please do let me know.


I hope you’ll join me for another #writephoto challenge. This week’s is an anniversary edition with a little tribute to Sue and the lovely Ani, it can be found here:

Thank you all again for taking part in #writephoto – Cannon

Take Care
KL ❤


5 thoughts on “#Writephoto Round-Up – Cannon

  1. I’ve never seen Stirling castle from the inside, but it was what I was thinking of.
    Thanks for keeping writephoto going. I lost another friend this week, 3 in two years doesnt seem right, but they were all very special people, so maybe they’d done their time here.

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