Tile Tales – War

War – By KL Caley – Geek Kit

I think this tile tale was slightly inspired by Stephen King’s Fairytale, which I absolutely loved.

I started reading Stephen King’s books at around 12 years old, having outgrown RL Stine and the Goosebumps books and wanting something more. I read The Shining and it scared the cr*p out of me, which started my love affair with his works! Fairytale is totally different from that, it’s so bizarre and surreal yet equally as fascinating!

Of course, my favourite King book is “On Writing”, which I recommend to every author-in-progress out there.

❔ Have you read any of Stephen King’s works? Any favourites?

Today’s tale was made with the Geek Kit

Want to play along?

I love playing around with the magnetic poetry blocks.
I’m no poetry writer so I prefer to create a short story of sorts.
The kits can be found here (and they are free):

KL 💗

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8 thoughts on “Tile Tales – War

  1. I Love Stephen Kings books. I’ve read “On Writing” 3 times, I think. I learn something new every time I read it. The Stand is my favorite book. Although quite long, I’ve read it several times. 🙂

  2. I must admit I’ve never read any of Stephen King’s books; his genre is not my favorite but I am very interested in “On Writing”. Gotta check that one out. Thanks for the tip. Good tile tale, KL!

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