Belly Laughs

This week for Writer’s Quote #3 Marsha has given us Belly Laughs…

The new year had arrived and he’d proclaimed

That it was time for a lifestyle change

He didn’t want anything experimental

So he found a class, one that’s gentle

When he entered he was quite pleased

When they said they’d take things gently

They started with some gentle stretches

But then they laughed, those awful wretches!

He’d bent himself into each shape

But each time he did some wind escaped

It announced itself into the room

Often with a mighty boom!

He tried to ignore it and carry on

But each seemed louder than the last one

Supposedly yoga’s meant to be relaxing

In the end, he found it mighty taxing!

A day without laughter is a day wasted

Sorry about this Marsha, but hopefully it might give you a belly laugh or two! Unfortunately, my type of humour is quite juvenile. bodily functions are easily humourous. One of my closest friends is a nurse and she regularly has me laughing until my stomach aches and it’s usually bodily function related!

I love a wicked sense of humour; dark, witty, tongue-in-cheek are all far funnier to me than slapstick style comedy. I work with a brilliant group of lads (and I say that because they are all geninely male) and they forever take the mickey equally out of themselves and each other, they so often have me giggling or blushing! I particularly like a pun or a limerick something with a bit of cleverness to it. Panto Dame songs, also a huge fan, especially those when your head fills in the last word of a rhyme (no idea what they are called but they always have me in stitches)!

What’s your favourite style of comedy?

Laughter is the best medicine



18 thoughts on “Belly Laughs

  1. Hilarious. We all have bodies that work in the same way, with the odd gender difference, so it has always struck me odd that we should be embarrassed, or disgusted, by any natural circumstance.

    1. Very true, Peter. I once read somewhere that the most beautiful thing in this world is generally regarded as being a newborn baby, which is created from some rather disgusting bodily fluids and functions. The human body is an amazing thing, with all its functions doing exactly what nature intended. 🙂 KL ❤

  2. I think most people have a juvenile sense of humor at some level. Slapstick shows depend on it. My mom told a story about a refined friend of hers that got up to speak at the microphone in front of a large audience. She had the same experience as your yoga friend only magnified 10-15 times. LOL. You can imagine what the crowd did. Thanks for sharing this week.

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