2022 in Books

Last year was a great year for me for reading, despite having the tear-away toddler as a distraction, I actually managed to consume a reasonable amount of books in quite a wide variety of genres.

I’ve set the same target of 52 books again this year, and happily I’m already on track. I’ve started writing up my reviews again too as I’d fallen a bit behind and I’ll start publishing these again soon.

What are your reading habits?

I’d love to know what books you’re planning to read this year?

Do you read a variety of genres or stick to something specific?

I’m quite an eclectic reader but my favourite genres are historical fiction and crime.

I also like to split my reading between physical new and pre-loved books, kindle books and library books.

Feel free to forward any recommendations.

KL ❤


4 thoughts on “2022 in Books

  1. I also like a variety in my reading. My favorite genres are also historical fiction and crime. I love Alex Cross series by Patterson and also his other series. I do also read a lot of non fiction. Mostly about my religion.

  2. I read a variety. I just finished The Mermaid Chair by Sue Monk Kidd. Excellent novel! I’m currently reading a philosophy book for a meetup and it’s rather dull, lol. After this, probably a light mystery or romance will be my choice 🙂

  3. Amazing. You are definitely ‘goals’. i hope to emulate you in the near future. Glad to see Crossroads as part of these. I’ve barely read the last few months, mostly studying and writing.

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