Fitness – Humour

She moaned and puffed and panted and wheezed

She felt the twinge in her knees

She reached further than she’d ever reached before

Then collapsed in a heap upon the floor

She had to push through this, giving it one last try

(even though her whole body wanted to cry)

Every part of her had started to shout ‘ouch’

But she had to stretch for that chocolate that rolled under the couch.

Probably not exactly what Marsha had in mind when she posted this week’s WQW challenge #fitness but I hope you all enjoyed it anyway.

Much Love.


22 thoughts on “Fitness – Humour

  1. I loved this. I’m not sure it makes for great fitness, but how true to life is it? hahaha. I read another meme last night in my email and added it to my post, too after reading your fabulous poem. “If a cookie falls on the floor and you pick it up, that’s a squat, right?” Unknown Have a great week, KL.

  2. Hmmm…. a two minute rule for that roll… of chocolate under the couch 😉
    Humor is always good. I actually did a recorded Enerchi class through my gym today!

      1. I enjoyed it. I had many years ago done a Tai-Chi class. But this was different. Gentle centering and balancing movements with slow breathing 🙂

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