#Writephoto Round-Up – Red Door

He removed the blindfold from her eyes and jumped back “Tadah”.

“What?” she said glancing up and down the street.

“There, in front of us”.

“Dan, you’ve got to be kidding me. Okay it’s old, I’ll give you that, but it’s tiny, I wanted ballrooms and a sweeping staircase and a library. This looks like you and I would just about fit in it.” She huffed loudly.

“Firstly, we can’t afford that and you know it. Secondly you’ve not even seen inside yet. Em, will you at least give it a chance?” He kissed her on the nose, making her laugh and knocking her out of her mood.

“Okay.” She nodded and with great excitement he stepped forward to the bright red door, placing the key in the lock.

As the door swung open, immediately she could see the stone walls disappearing off, sconces lighting the way. “Wow”, she gasped involuntarily.

“See…” he said, delighted. Taking her hand he lead her further inside.

As they round the first corner they opened the door to a huge room with a grand fire burning at one end. A long table with several seats was situated close to it but the rest of the room was open with a vast space. Dan took her hand and led her across the wooden floor and went through another doorway which led to a huge kitchen, a huge range at one end with a giant belfast sink, and many, many pots and pans hanging from the rafters. Her mouth had now dropped open causing Dan to smirk, pulling at her hand he led out to a hallway and up a spiral staircase, to a long galley landing with several doors leading off.

“These are all bedrooms”, he said as they passed several doors, “but I think you’ll like this room the best”. He pushed open a large brown door and inside was a room which seemed to extend right up into the rafters. Floor to ceiling of the room was lined with bookshelves, waiting to house a collection of books. A solitary desk and a slightly old but comfortable looking sofa finished the room.

“I don’t understand?” Em said finally.

“Didn’t you see the sign on the way in?”

“No, what did it say?”

“Castle Cottage”. Emma nodded. It made sense, this place certainly felt like a castle.

“Let’s sign the papers, Dan. This place is perfect.”

“See, I knew you’d love it if you gave it a chance. There’s one issue though…” he paused looking shifty. “The toilets outside!”

The Red Door – Image by KL Caley

For visually challenged writersthe image shows a terraced house with a vivid red door. The sign beside the door states Castle Cottage.

Hope you enjoyed my fun little take on last week’s prompt. Thank you all for the wonderful responses to the post, what a fun collection. I have tried to reblog a few since the post went out so hopefully, you will have seen some of them trickling through, but here is the list below (if I have missed anyone, please let me know). It makes for fantastic reading.


I hope you’ll join me for another #writephoto challenge, the latest is published HERE.

Thank you all again for taking part in #writephoto – Red Door

With special thanks to Sue who originally made the #writephoto challenge so meaningful for all of us and gave me her blessing to continue it. Stuart Francis posted a beautiful birthday tribute last week which you can read here, alongside a few new adventures to enjoy.

Take Care
KL ❤


9 thoughts on “#Writephoto Round-Up – Red Door

    1. Haha! It’s definitely an interesting trade-off. It’s the middle of the night visits that would catch me out… depending on how far away from the bedroom the loo was – lol. KL ❤

      1. Aaah yes what a good plan. We had a downstairs toilet in one of our houses and it felt like a trek for a midnight wee – lol. KL ❤️

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