#WRITEPHOTO – The Red Door by geofflepard

Ready for a chortle? Enjoy this fun entry by Geoff Le Pard

‘Oh. Good morning. My name is Charleston and…’

‘You’re not one of them Jehoshaphats, are you? Can’t abide them, trying to flog me a water tower, when I have a perfectly adequate cistern…’

‘Do you mean Jehovah’s?’

‘That’s what I said, didn’t I? Jehoshaphats.’

‘Witnesses. They’re Jehovah’s Witnesses.’

‘Well, I ain’t seen nothing and no one came make me say I did. I was working, or degreasing the wife’s archipelago.’

‘I think we are drifting away from the purpose…’

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For visually challenged writersthe image shows a terraced house with a vivid red door. The sign beside the door states Castle Cottage.

The Red Door – Image by KL Caley

Thank you so much for taking part in the #Writephoto prompt:

Much Love

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