#WRITEPHOTO – The Red Door by garyawilsonstories

What did Gary find behind his version of the door? A positive feel-good story, enjoy:

The two children moved carefully through the darkened street, quietly moving from shadow to shadow.

“No – Ben. I’m afraid. It has to be a trap or something. What if someone catches us?”

“They won’t Tamara. No one is ever there because I have a system.”

“What kind of system?” she whispered.

Ben was 13. Tamara was almost 11. He looked all around them to make sure no one was about then stooped down behind some sort of utility box and pulled Tamara down so he could explain. “Adults only change their habits to fix something, like a mess. Most adults hate messes, so we won’t make one. We sneak in, grab a meal, create no evidence that we were ever there and quietly leave.  I’ve been getting a good warm meal for almost 3 weeks now and no one has noticed.”

“But they might today. Someone might see or hear. . .”

“Tamara – you have to eat something. You’re getting thin and you’re going to get sick. Those pants and your shirt fit you when we first met, now they look a size too small. Yesterday was a nice warm and sunny day, yet you were cold. I’ve seen others go through this and you need food. Please, just come with me. We’ll be silent. We won’t be noticed, and we’ll be fed.”

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For visually challenged writersthe image shows a terraced house with a vivid red door. The sign beside the door states Castle Cottage.

The Red Door – Image by KL Caley

Thank you so much for taking part in the #Writephoto prompt:

Much Love

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