The Dirty Jobs

Week 1 – Tuesday: The always give me the dirty jobs, the sucky jobs, the ones I’m never going to develop, I’m never going to shine! They are undervaluing me and everything I do. Apprenticeship, they say, like they’re doing me some big favour, apprenticed to these old goons that don’t know their apples from their oranges.

They tried the traditional jokes, we need tartan paint, haha, yeah everyone laughed, but I got it right away, knew they were trying to mess with me. Jokes on them, I took an extra long lunch break to get the “tartan paint” got myself a nice coffee, browsed my phone, got my nails done it was great.

Week 1 – Friday: The twats tried it again with a long stand – seriously, I’m sure these jokes were around with the dinosaurs, so I took a long stand, in the shopping queue, got myself some great new clothes, I’m so ready for this weekend. I wonder what time they let people leave on a Friday? My friend Georgie has got half day finish on a Friday, lucky sod. IF they think I’m working to five they can do one.

Week 2 – Monday – Thank god! One week left. I showed up today in all my new nails and new gear, looking proper smart, ready to be wheeled out in front of the customers, well that’s why I applied here for my work experience. Do you know what those b*ggers had me doing? Emptying their blasted bins, and moving boxes around the stock room. Covered in dust head to toe.

Week 2 – Wednesday – I walked in late today and no-one really noticed. I spoke to the girl on reception (she seems nice enough but a bit mousy) and she said she thought that was me finisihed up! Hah! I wish. I wonder if that means if I took Thursday and Friday off no-one would notice. Probably a bad idea, I need to get that completion certificate and Keira said last year after her work experience they had a whip round and gave her fifty quid! And that was just for waitressing in a cafe. Imagine what I’d get at a place like this!

Week 2 – Friday – Well thank god thats over. I got no fairwell, no pat on the back, no cash, just a piddly handshake from the CEO who I’d only seen once.

Work Experience Report for C Mitchell

C Mitchell has problems with authority and a poor work ethic. They failed to establish any working relationships with the team and at best could be described as idle.

Parents Signature….
Students Signature….

Week 3 – Monday – Bollocks!!! My mum’s going to kill me.

Apprentice jokes – Google Search
I have the energy of a Duracell bunny, the sex appeal of Jessica Rabbit and a brain like Einstein.

I actually really enjoyed my work experience (I worked at a local cafe, got to keep my tips and even got offered a Saturday job at the end of it) but I saw this quote and couldn’t resist.

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Much Love.


8 thoughts on “The Dirty Jobs

    1. Thanks Marsha, I’ve read a couple of stories recently that have a main character that turns out to be not all that nice, so thought I’d have a play around with it. Fabulous prompt as always. KL ❤

      1. It always turns it into sort of a surprise when the main character doesn’t turn out to be a good guy or gal. It is more true to life, don’t you think. If people could read our thoughts instead of what we might want to project, we could all end up on that side of the evaluation slip. 🙂

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