Competing with Beauty

“Dave. Dave! Come over here and look at this!”

“Will you be quiet you great oath?”

“Come over and see this cool thing, those humans left on the fence, maybe we can eat it.”

“Will you be quiet, I’m trying to stand still.”


“So that it captures my best side, that’s a camera.”

“Ohhhh, well you’re out of luck.”

“What? Why”

“Cause beauty is over there behind you lucking fab-u-lous. Ain’t no-one looking at you whilst she’s around.”

“Oh for crying out loud. Right lets leave, we’ll come back later.”

What do you see 149 – Ponies

For the visually challenged reader, this image shows three ponies standing in a hilly pasture. Two brown ones are standing close together and a black pony is standing at a distance, alone.

Haha – hope you enjoyed this little romp through the fields. Originally written for Sadje’s what do you see challenge – 149. KL ❤


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