Do you ever google spelling or grammar?

I used to be quite confident in my spelling but either I get worse at it each year or I’m more aware of my mistakes, either way, the confidence is gone!

We use some American products at work, so I sometimes accidentally use Americanised English.

I do use Grammarly add-in which is excellent and captures a lot of typos but I’ve never found a fool-proof spell-checker (does such a thing exist).

My most recent Google – is it a historic or an historic?

Well, I lived in Yorkshire for many years and they probably would say istoric – lol.

Take Care.

KL ❤

16 thoughts on “Spelling

  1. Lol, this reminds me of a sentence I read in a Dickens novel once, where he wrote ‘an hotel’. Was so confused. But I have to admit, I got a bit stuck there with this ‘a/an historic’ example too.
    I google a lot when it comes to spelling that always seem to escape me, ‘broccoli’ and ‘Philippines’ being some of them. I also tend to use my idioms wrongly, and have mixed up ‘head to head’ with ‘neck to neck’ in print before. The horror.
    Anyway, thanks for this post!

    1. Haha! I’m sure our brains are just playing tricks on us sometimes, as soon as you see it correctly you go “Ah, yes! That looks correct.” Thank goodness for google. KL ❤

  2. I used to get chose and choose reversed constantly! I think I subconsciously like the look of double O’s! I notice I’m making a lot more typos now, which I attribute to this blasted psoriatic arthritis and stiffening fingers – ugh! I used the internet more frequently now too, for research, spelling, definitions, etc. we should start an “Aging Writer’s Club!” LOL 😳

    1. 🙂 I read my post, read it again, press publish and “poof” – suddenly a typo will jump out at me! I’m sure it hides until I hit the publish button! Lol. KL ❤

  3. We’re doomed, doomed I say! It seems it is wrong to correct spelling, or punctuation, in schools now. Some time ago teachers in the UK were told not to correct more than three spellings in any piece of work, so as not to damage a pupil’s self esteem. I regularly see multiple errors in books, papers, and official documents, and no-one seems to be bothered as “people know what is meant!” I often see wonder and wander swapped. Could of, would of, and should of are used as a matter of course, and emojis and text speak have taken over the written word. Oh, woe is me! 😻🤗💜

    1. Oof – I wish it was like that in my day! I took contract law and they were very strict (particularly with the Latin), each error was highlighted and a point deducted and if you had X many spelling errors you had 24 hours to re-write it (which of course some students learned to use to their advantage). KL ❤

      1. The thing, with Latin, is that the whole meaning can be drastically changed by a single letter omitted, added, or in the wrong place. Not good in legal documents!

      2. Exactly that, Peter. Our teacher was a barrister prior to teaching and new his stuff so was strict with the spelling element (although a lovely man). I wonder what he would make of the text conversations people have now – lol. KL ❤

  4. I’m really glad you mentioned the odd deterioration of confidence in spelling…I thought it was just me! It is so frustrating–because as an English Major, writing/spelling, sentence structure, vocabulary, grammar was my only talent. Next month I’ll turn 70, and it feels like words have simply slipped through the tiny holes in my colander! 🙂 Fortunately I can still cook 🙂

    1. Being good at cooking is a fabulous skill. I wonder if our brains have a bit of a clear-out and decide we don’t need to know that anymore – lol. I’m just glad it’s not just me! KL ❤

      1. I’m relieved to know we’re members of the same club…and there aren’t any dues! 🙂

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