I think I’ve discovered my inner serial killer 😱.

I’ve discovered that I really enjoy weeding. Pulling those pesky plants out, ideally roots and all but some do evade me. Then leaving them on the path a while to shrivel and die.

It’s quite satisfying! If not, borderline maniacal 😆.

On a side note, I have a ton of gooseberries at the lottie this year. Any ideas what to do with them? I’ve had a Google but nothings jumped out at me and I don’t want to waste a lot of time making something that tastes terrible!

Take Care


It’s all

8 thoughts on “Gooseberry

  1. I’ve always loved gooseberry fool, gooseberry jam and gooseberry crumble. There’s rarely enough for me to try anything else!

  2. I love it, your “inner serial killer”, hahaha!! I can totally relate–though not in regard to gardening. For me it’s bugs in my apartment…and possibly fiction writing 🙂

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