Anyone else getting ridiculous amounts of spam at the moment?

I’ve always had the odd spam comment to deal with but now it is between 30-50 spam messages daily. Unfortunately, a few of my fabulous #Writephoto entrants links pop up in the spam box from time to time too so I do have to scroll through each page to save those ones.


This year, I braved the world of social media and joined instagram (you can find me here – but even on there I also seem to get a lot of “Promote it on” spam messages too.

Anyway, that’s my #rantoftheday over. Any tips on how you guys filter these are appreciated. 🙂

Take Care.


13 thoughts on “SPAM-A-LAM

  1. I’m having the opposite problem. My email is putting loads of non-spam things in the spam box, things I’ve been reading for ages, like The Story Reading Ape’s daily digest. I think I’ve found several security App updates in there as well, which doesn’t help. So I have to check those, as a routine, now. Most of the worst junk has gone at last, but I don’t know how many real messages aren’t getting to me even there…Ah, that might include comment notifications, come to think of it. Sigh.
    What do to? Just keep deleting or moving to your inbox, whichever is the problem, I reckon. It’s a bot, it might learn…

    1. Yeah I got non-spam things every week. Usually only a handful. I always try to do the check on a Wed before #writephoto round-up on Thurs. Keep Calm and Carry On! Lol. KL ❤

    1. Thank you so much for the reblog, Chris. Yeah that’s what I do at the moment. Just seems to be so much more than I’ve ever had before and when I miss/forget to check for a few days, I end up with hundreds to look through. I was ill for a few days (a few weeks ago) and came back to 260! KL ❤

  2. I’m getting a fair amout of spam these days as well. I have to check the folder a few times a month because legitimate comments end up there. On Instagram, I was getting “promote this.” Every time I got one, I blocked the sender. After doing that several times, they’ve now stopped.

  3. How do you even identify which one is a legitimate comment? I was so confused one time when I tried sorting the spam inbox. There were quite a lot of appreciative comments and I had no clue if those were authentic or not. ;–;

  4. I found that closing comments after a few months has reduced my spam considerably. I know that this is anathema to many bloggers but, hey, it works! If someone wants to make some positive or negative point about a blog that has been closed to further comment, they will find a way!

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