Review of The Man Who Died Twice by Richard Osman

The Man Who Died Twice is the second book in the Thursday Murder Club series written by Richard Osman

Christmas Book Bundle

📖 I thoroughly enjoyed The Thursday Murder Club, so much so that I popped this second book on my Christmas Wish List. Santa must have been listening as I opened a bright shiny book-shaped parcel on Christmas day and there it was. I dove straight into it as soon as I was able and I thoroughly enjoyed it all the way to the last page.

✍️ This book has a few strands of stories going on but the primary storyline is around Elizabeth’s ex-husband Douglas, who appeals to her to help protect him. It seems Douglas has gotten himself involved with some missing diamonds and now a lot of people are after him, not least of which is Mi5 who are supposed to be providing his protection. Trusting no one but Elizabeth, can she find the diamonds before more bodies appear? Once again, Elizabeth, Joyce, Ron and Ibrahim are called into action.

👫 Like the original TMC, this book does swivel from character-to-character viewpoint, with a lot of backstory provided by retired nurse Joyce through diary-style entries. Through her inner thoughts and observations, I think everyone will love the thought of having a Joyce in their lives. Ibrahim’s story is quite heartbreaking in this book but I am so pleased Richard Osman included it as it did highlight vulnerability, mental trauma and the importance of friendship.

🗺 One of the things I quite like in this book is all the little British quirks Richard Osman throws in (like mentioning that nice Carol Kirkwood who does the weather). It’s just that sweet, funny, quirky sense of humour that despite being a crime novel gives you a warm fuzzy feeling.

💔 Any Negatives: As others have said, as a direct police procedural, this doesn’t stand up. So many things that are incredibly unlikely to happen (or at least would get someone the sack if they did). However, as a light-hearted, Agatha Christie/People’s friend type crime mystery, it’s a good fun, light-hearted read that’s not too taxing.

💭 Overall View: A fun, easy read. If you don’t take it too seriously, you’ll find it enjoyable.


6 thoughts on “Review of The Man Who Died Twice by Richard Osman

  1. Like you I enjoyed his first book. Sort of. Elizabeth is thr most irritating smart arse though. This one was frankly ridiculous and while Rob Ibrahim and to an extent Joyce are sweet the story stretched credulity to a v loud Snap! Like so many authors Osman feels the need to ratchet up the jeopardy. Why!! Nice review KL but I won’t be reading book 3.

    1. Yes I know what you mean, the first one I really loved. This was a harder sell, certainly. But I really liked Joyce particularly as a character. I may dabble in book 3 when it arrives. I would like to see them look back over cold cases (which is what the TMC were originally formed to do), as I think that would be more in-keeping with the characters (and they did touch on that in the first book with the nun/priest storyline). Time will tell which direction he goes in. KL ❤

  2. Thank you for reading this book. One problem with celebrity authors is I can’t get their voice out of my head when reading it. So, I shall rely on your review, and leave it off my TBR (his radio advert annoys me quite enough). Thanks!!

  3. I read the first one and really enjoyed it. I didn’t know a second had been released. I’m off to the library 😊

  4. I really think that Richard may have been hurried along by his publishers to complete a second book before he was really ready to let go of it. Let’s hope that the third one is produced according to Richard’s timetable, rather than his publishers.

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