Finding The Way

Ella had been lost for days.

Why had she made this deal with the devil?

But she knew she would take the deal again in a heartbeat. She would do anything for her family.

Yet, this never-ending maze was torturous. Exhausted, she dropped to her knees and let out a sob, which quickly turned into a desperate prayer.

Silence followed, then slowly her determination returned.

Getting to her feet, she navigated through the trees once more, arriving at a well-worn path.

Up ahead she saw an iron gate with the words “the way” written on it.

“Thanks”, she whispered.

The Way Gates – Image Credit – Keith Hardy

For the visually challenged reader, this image shows a wrought iron gate with the words “the way” written on itThere’s a path beyond the closed gate leading into a tree-lined lane

This 99-word story was written in response to Sadje’s WDYS #137 challenge.


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