#WRITEPHOTO – Well by About the Jez of It

A beautiful story about the mourning process by About the Jez of It:

It had been years since Gai and I had visited the home of Loban and Arina, the couple that had taken us into their home when we had escaped. Between them, they had given Gai and I a chance to live and love away from the hate of antiquated ideas and old-fashioned dictates of what love should be.

Gai and I had moved to the city shortly after our marriage and eventually, Loban had joined us to live out his old age with his sons. Not only had he and Arina welcomed us into their home but made us part of their family. I have only vague memories of my own mother and to this day I value the parenting nurture Loban and Arina gave me, to me they were and are my mum and dad.

For the first time since Loban’s death, Gai and I have returned – finally ready to face the memories and discuss our own future. Opening the door, the years of dust were obvious, yet despite being empty for so long I felt like I had come home. I looked at Gai, and didn’t say anything, I didn’t have to I could see in his eyes he was feeling the same.

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For visually challenged writersthe image shows a path amongst some foliage leading to a pyramid-shaped building.

Well – Image by KL Caley

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