#WRITEPHOTO – Well by TanGental

An intriguing entry by TanGental:

Detective Inspector Buttercup Boggles pulled on the blue plastic booties, ducked under the tape and walked along the stone path. A couple of uniformed police who had been chatting, fell silent and looked down. The male snorted and Buttercup glared at him. Why did they have to give her…?

‘Guv?’ Her Detective Sergeant, Garry Owen appeared from the deep foliage fiddling with his fly.

She titled her head. ‘You weren’t having a slash at a crime scene, sergeant?’

‘What? God no. I was…’

Buttercup waved him quite and turned back to the path, taking in the strange stone structure. ‘What’s this?’

‘Ah yes. Well, it’s really odd. Seems like it belongs to one of those long lost civilisations that only now powerful satellite technology is discovering all the time. In the Amazon, they found a complete…’

‘This is Wimbledon Common, Garry. You don’t get lost civilisations in outer London.’

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For visually challenged writersthe image shows a path amongst some foliage leading to a pyramid-shaped building.

Well – Image by KL Caley

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