#Writephoto Round-Up – Family



“You can’t keep blaming the bubbles in the water on the fish, you scared them all away when the last collection of bubbles came from your behind.”

“One day you’ll find your own handsome male swan whose bubbles you’ll find endearing, won’t they Darling?”


Family – Image by KL Caley

I captured this image of this lovely little family at a priory in North Yorkshire. They seemed to symbolize the peace and tranquillity of the place and watching them swim together was just mesmerizing.

So many great entries everyone, a brilliant lunchtime read if I do say so myself. Jez’s featured a beautiful ode to Swan lake, Willow had me laughing out loud at Geoff the Swan (sorry Geoff), and Jemima took us on a wander around a real-life swannery. Check out those and so many more in our fabulous collection (and do let me know if I have missed anyone).

I thought I’d try something a little different for the featured format this week. Do you prefer it as one large collection or broken down like this?





I hope you’ll join me for another #writephoto challenge published today at 12 o’clock GMT.

Thank you all again for taking part in #writephoto – Family

Take Care
KL ❤


11 thoughts on “#Writephoto Round-Up – Family

  1. Hi K.C. I do like the new format it works well. Plus I liked your story too.
    Thank you so much for the mention very grateful.
    Well we’ve had another week of great entries well done all .💜

    1. Hi Willow, thank you so much for the great feedback. Brilliant entries this week, yours still makes me chuckle (which I really needed this week). They were all so great. KL ❤

  2. Mixed feelings about the breakdown, for the same reasons as Tangental (is that Geoff?) – I tend to skip the poetry, but it’s good to arrive and read it sometimes….
    Thanks for the extra nod 🙂

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