Saying Bye to Buttercup.

As a few of you may know, a few months ago I had the honour of being featured in Alwayswrite’s monthly Story Chat. This month features a fabulous story called, “As Far As a Former Prisoner Can Go.”  written by Charli Mills (of Carrot Ranch website fame). Charli Mills challenges her flash fiction writers to compose a response based on her story for her 99-word story challenge. This is my entry:

Saying Bye to Buttercup.

By KL Caley
Buttercup – Marsha Ingrao

He buried his face into the soft golden fur and let out one slow sob, hoping against hope the other prisoners wouldn’t hear. Another excuse for a beating was the last thing he needed.

He looked into Buttercup’s large brown eyes and felt his heart tear. He had always known he would only have her a short while, that was the point of the Puppies Behind Bars program, yet saying goodbye was harder than he had realised it would be.

He finally had someone in his life that understood what it was to give unconditional love.

He’d miss her.


10 thoughts on “Saying Bye to Buttercup.

  1. I wanted to cry for poor James. He must have had a very hard time in prison and still remained tender rather than hardened. I love this side of him, KL.

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