Found messages

I love second hand books. I’ve found a few lately with dedications inside and they always move me. I think a books a lovely gift. Although I don’t think I have ever written a note in a book before.

This is the latest one I have found:

Do you gift books and if so do you write inside them?

Have you ever found someones treasured message?


5 thoughts on “Found messages

  1. My favorite memory of this type goes back to visiting my much older cousin one night with my family. I was maybe 10-12 years old. All the adults were talking and I was the only kid but I was left on the couch with a huge, passed-down Bible to explore. My mom knew me well in that all one had to do was to leave me with a big book to explore and I might as well have been tied in place.
    Anyway, the huge draw about this 18″ x 20″ ancient volume was it’s obvious age and value followed by the treasures that long dead people had left between it’s pages. Rather than writing on the pages themselves, they would write notes to each other and to whoever found the notes in the future.
    Some were hard to read for age and hard to make out wording, but I was trapped for the night carefully exploring page after page looking for these notes.
    The voices from all these long dead people was hypnotic and I wished I could somehow join the lineup of folks who would inherit that Bible and months became years. After all, I was the youngest there and there was a case to be made based on how well I would value and care for it.

    That was the last I ever heard about it – but have recalled that night often ever since.


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