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She had wandered the hall for many years. The howls heard in the building reputed to be “the wind”, were in fact, the sound of her sorrow. Then one day on her travels, she came across a dress. A replica of the dress she had worn that fateful night. Could it be a coincidence? With all the energy she could muster, she removed the dress from its stand and with great difficulty managed to put it on. It fit perfectly. It had to be hers. She twirled around the ballroom with joy, and then in the mirror she glanced at her beloved, his hand outstretched towards her, requesting this dance.

Dress – Image by KL Caley

I adore this dress. I took this photo at Bamburgh Castle last year. This was known as a Christmas dress in The Faire Chamber, made from faux and real foliage inspired by Lady Dorothy’s gown which stands on display in the castle. Whilst the dress is beautiful and intriguing the story of Lady Dorothy is even more so.

Dorothy Forster became a Northumbrian hero after the gallant rescue of her brother. Dorothy visited her brother Tom on several occasions in gaol, always accompanied by her maid. On her final trip to see him she travelled alone. The story goes that on this occasion, concealed beneath her clothes, Dorothy wore the outfit of her maid. When the time was right she quickly dressed Tom in the maid’s clothes. Leaving together, the guards, accustomed to seeing two ladies leaving the cell of General Tom, let them pass unchecked

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