Tile Tales – An Original Love Story

The Original Love Story by KL Caley

Today’s tale was made with the LOVE kit:

Love – http://play.magneticpoetry.com/poem/Love/kit/

Want to play along?

I love playing around with the magnetic poetry blocks.
I’m no poetry writer so I prefer to create a short story of sorts.
The kits can be found here (and they are free):

KL 💗

Tile Tales Logo

9 thoughts on “Tile Tales – An Original Love Story

  1. This is great–I love your tile tales! This tale reminds me of an exquisitely well done foreign film I watched a couple nights ago.

      1. You’re sincerely welcome. The film I watched was Korean, I think–called “An Affair”. Beautifully subtle acting, great music score and cinematography.

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