Living it large

Life in London was busy but brilliant (more on that to follow when I get some time). However, as much as I love a holiday (and I really do), coming home is an equally wonderful feeling. ❤️

That being said, not 24hrs after crossing our threshold a sickness bug took over the house and tortured each family member one by one for a 48 hour stint.

Thankfully we got rid of it just in time to celebrate tiny man’s birthday. So it’s been a long weekend of farms, exotic animals, parties, friends, families, balloons, cake and more.

Life is full of ups and downs. 🙃🥳 Hope you’re all having a wonderful weekend. KL


6 thoughts on “Living it large

  1. Happy Birthday Little Man!! So glad you had a good break in London after the ticket debarkle! The sickness bug is so nasty isn’t it but I am so pleased to hear you were all okay for the the big Birthday weekend!
    Is that a photo or a drawing of Little Man ? Either way it is lovely! Have a good week! 💜💜

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