#Writephoto Round-Up – Island

The men puffed and panted behind him.

“Come on, lads. Get a pace on!” He tried not to scold, but here he was with a peg leg and striding much faster than any of them. The mumbled groaning confirmed they had received his command and steadily the pace increased.

It took a while but just as the sun was emerging they broke the tree line.

“Stop! There she is”. The Captain raised his bony finger from the map and pointed. The men followed his gaze to a tiny island surrounded by birds.

“There, you hid it there?” His second in command didn’t sound impressed.

“Of course, look at that tree. It was nowt but a sapling when I planted it. Off you go lads, get digging.”

There was a collective shuffling amongst the lads but none of them really moved.

“What?!” the Captain bellowed. Eventually, the smallest one, Jed, was thrust forward.

“It’s the swans, Captain. No one wants to go near the swans.”

“What?.. Those things. Look at them, they are basically just big white fluffy ducks.” The men once again shuffled but none of them moved forward.

“Fine, give me that. But none of you will be sharing in my treasure.” The captain snatched a spade from one of the men then stormed off across the rocks. Despite only having one leg, the captain was surprisingly nimble and never let it get in his way (especially when there was treasure to be had).

He hopped over to the island and started to dig around the tree. Within seconds though he heard loud hissing and honking sounds. The two swans had surrounded him one on each side. They stretched out their huge wings and walked towards him, one began to poke and snatch at his clothing, the other was more interested in his leg. The Captain lifted up his spade and swung it wildly in the air to ward them off but as he did so, one swan grabbed his peg leg in his beak and gave it a big tug. With his shovel in the air, the captain was hugely off balance and fell to the earth with a thump. The swans took the opportunity and pounced upon home pulling at his cuffs and his collar.

“Help.” The Captain let out a muffled cry. The larger of the two swans honked in reply and then snatched the Captain’s hat from his head. The Captain raised his arms to cover his face and shut his eyes tight. This was it, death by swans.

He felt something grip his shoulders and then hoist him from under his arms. He felt light. The honking sound let out a huge cry but sounded further away.

He opened his eyes and found himself back underneath the tree canopy. A bottle was placed to his lips and a small amount of liquid trickled to his mouth. Opening his eyes he looked into Jed’s eyes.

“Blimey Captain, I thought you were a goner.”

“So did I, Jed. So did I.”

They all glanced across at the Island and the Swans walking back and forth like they were on patrol.

“Perhaps, we need a better plan to take on the Island.”

“Good Idea, Captain.” Hoisting the Captain to his feet, the men held him between their shoulders and they set off back through the trees. The Captain glanced back at the island one last time. Blasted big white fluffy ducks!

Island – Image by KL Caley

Such an amazing collection of responses this week, thank you all so much. We’ve had such a range from fantasy holidays, sibling rivalries, sales pitches, visits from death, places to relax, murdered wives, the return of Merlin & Morgarna, and so much more. I have tried to reblog a few since the post went out so hopefully, you will have seen some of them trickling through, but here is the list below (if I have missed anyone, please let me know). It makes for fantastic reading.


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