Story Chat Y2: “Handle with Caution

Hi Everyone,

Got a little time on your hands this drizzly Sunday afternoon? If so, please pop over to Marsha’s story chat. She has kindly featured one of my stories this month. It’s a genre I am not used to writing in but a story I very much enjoyed and think has possibilities for expansion. I’d love to know what you think?

KL ❤

Marsha Ingrao - Always Write

Can you believe Story Chat is one-third of the way through its year which starts each October? We met Hugh Roberts started this year with a spooky Halloween story, “Puddles.” Doug Jacquier broached the tough subject of PTSD after WWII in his story “Brooching the Subject.” Cathy Cade, wrote us a delightful heartwarming Christmas story, “On the Streets.”Geoff LePard started the new year off right with “When Gratitude Is Hard to Come By”

Now KL Caley, of New2Writing and hostess of Write Photo, is coming to shake us up a bit when her tea warns her to be cautious. As we approach the day of romance, I wondered if there might be a hint of romance in this cautionary tale. What do you think?

Authors say that your Story Chat comments make a difference in their writing. Grab your favorite Valentine hearts, a…

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